Nine Dimensions of Human Consciousness – Pleadian Activation

In 2012 after seventeen years of teaching the nine dimensions, Gerry and I had to stop and turn our attention to encouraging others to do their own Activations. Now, many more years have gone by, and during that time I have continued to research the nine dimensions, and science continues to confirm them. For example, in June 2017, the news that our brains process the world in 11 dimensions came out. In my work, the 10th dimension is the vertical axis of consciousness, and the 11th dimension is the container, the All. I am more convinced that ever that Activations heal you and greatly broaden your minds, so we want you to teach the material yourselves! As we step aside, grandparents now, you step forward! We saw this reaction in our last three workshops as we explained to our students what we were going to do in 2010. Many of you who have been interested or thinking about teaching this material are now saying, Yes, we can! Yes, you can, and we will help you.

Ever since I started teaching the nine dimensions in the form of Pleiadian Agenda Activations (PAAs) , which we later called Journeys Through Nine Dimensions, I always said to my students: Once you have attended an Activation, you are free to go on and teach the dimensions yourself. All we’ve asked is that you credit your source for the material and for your inspiration. And we’ve created the book, the music, even the visuals so you can enjoy this teaching.

Many of you have taken the “Journey through Nine Dimensions” CD by Michael Stearns home with you as a way to deepen your spiritual practice as well as to teach your own students, your own clients. We created the nine-dimensional music with Michael for exactly that purpose. From time to time, we hear one of you has formed a group-studying one dimension each month, for example, or three dimensions each on three consecutive Saturdays-and this is exactly what we hoped would happen.

As you will see below, those of you who have studied our book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions; listened to Michael Stearn’s “Journey Through Nine Dimensions” CD; meditated with Gerry with his “Meditations on Nine Dimensions” CD; and want to create Activations–you will be able to contact us to ask questions and discuss your experiences. The Pleiadians and I have always taught that we humans must have nine dimensions of consciousness to make the critical leap beyond 2011/2012, and this means that all of us, not just two teachers, should begin to share the work with others. Much of the reason for the building chaos on the planet is coming from the nine-dimensional consciousness opening, so if more and more of us work with the powers of the dimensions, the new world will be born more easily.

This section of our website is designed to assist you in teaching the dimensions, whether it is to a small group over a period of time, or in one cathartic weekend, as we have taught them. At the end, I will occasionally include reports from teachers who are willing to share their experiences, with the hope that it will inspire you further in your teaching journey.

Teaching Tools

The best tools, initially, are the books that explore the nine dimensions. First on the list is Alchemy of Nine Dimensions please make sure you get the 2010 edition (vs. the 2004 edition) because it has major improvements to the fourth and ninth dimensions, and critical information about crop circles and nine dimensions. There is an extensive list of other books to deepen your understanding of each dimension in the Recommended Reading at the end of that book. Michael Stern’s “Journey Through Nine Dimensions” CD is essential even if you decide to only use it for your own meditation and not for teaching. Also, you can now order a CD of Gerry reading his meditations to prepare ourselves before entering each dimension; this CD helps you experience of each dimension more fully. Michael Stern’s CD and Gerry’s meditations are available at The second book I recommend is The Pleiadian Agenda, where I channel Satya and the revelations of the nine dimensions came through me in 1995.

I’ve always taught with two key drawings from The Pleiadian Agenda They are: Figure 10: The Canopy of Light on page 73, and Figure 12: Vertical Axis on page 163. These illustrations were redrawn for Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, where they appear as figures I.2 and I.3 in the Introduction. You are free to reuse these drawings, as long as you credit them as follows: Copyright © 1995, 2004, 2010 by Barbara Hand Clow. You can xerox and enlarge them from the two books for your students, or you can copy and paste these illustrations from this website. You might also benefit from drawing them yourselves, as this will empower your own work.

It is very important to use the “balancing-the-emotions” exercise before doing an activation or ceremony because accessing nine dimensions is much easier and more potent if you do. I think it may be risky to do this work without balancing yourself and others. At the completion of our morning class, we balance by using Figure 2.1: The twelve houses of the zodiac-on page 39 of Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini (formerly titled Liquid Light of Sex), which has a whole chapter on balancing. [This illustration began as Figure 2: The Six Polarities, on page 29 of The Pleiadian Agenda, and was modified as Figure 3.1, The Wheel of Twelve, on page 41 of Alchemy.] You can copy from any of these versions, and again, please credit Barbara Hand Clow’s copyright in this material. These illustrations are easy to make yourselves, so we have not attached them here. We are thinking about producing them in a larger size and would like to hear from you if you think it would help you.

A highly recommended teaching tool is my DVD, Journey Through Nine Dimensions, which is a film of me teaching the morning class-the “mental activation-at a recent workshop, and is available from

Also, of course, the CD by the same title, Journey Through Nine Dimensions, by Michael Stearns, the gifted composer, who created this symphonic set of ten tracks: 1D to 9D, plus a medley at the end for 10D. (10D is an incredible medley of the nine dimensions; by listening to it, you will experience all nine simultaneously.) I feel that those of you who want to teach this material to others need to do some personal work with this CD, after which you can decide whether to use it or not with groups. We’ve heard from very creative students who have danced the nine dimensions, play-acted them, and made their own music. I encourage this! You don’t have to use our music, but I feel you should know it.

The CD, Meditations on Nine Dimensions, by Gerry is available at and is good for both personal use and for working with a group

Long Format/s

We taught the nine dimensions as one workshop, and we called them Activations, as they “activated” the participants, as well as us as teachers! Sometimes, we had only one day to “download” all the information; the information was received, but little or no sense of community with the students was created. We preferred teaching Friday night/all-day Saturday, and even adding Sunday morning, if we were teaching in a retreat center, where participants could stay overnight. Here is what the longer format looks like

  • Friday night:
    get-together and contemporary lecture; time for tuning in together
  • Saturday:
    the “mental activation” in the morning, BHC teaching the nine dimensions, with healers working at the back of the room; concludes with balancing using the Six Polarity wheel. You can see me teaching this class by getting my DVD, Journey Through Nine Dimensions, at
  • Afternoon:
    The “physical/spiritual” activation, a ceremony journeying in the dimensions afternoon with prayers and ceremony with music by Michael Stearns from Journey Through Nine Dimensions (CD) Also, see Creating a Ceremony below.
  • Sunday:
    morning get-together for sharing and closing circle

This may work for those of you who are experienced teachers, and who can attract enough people. This long format allows the participants to deeply experience all nine dimensions, as well as share their experiences with fellow participants during the closing circle.

The “door is open” as to what new types of longer or shorter sessions you will come up with. We often thought the “rave” movement would get involved with the Nine Dimensions, a hip-hop/rap group called Goddess Alchemy (great music by four foxy ladies!) attended one of our Activations in Ukiah, California. Turns out they were already bringing this consciousness into their concerts! Others heard our ideas being sung in a Phish concert!

Short Format/s

The way most of you will be teaching the dimensions will be in some form of a shorter format, either weekly or monthly. As I mentioned above, one teacher is teaching three dimensions each on three consecutive Saturdays. Another group is co-teaching one another by doing one dimension per month, with each of the nine participants taking one dimension to teach.

And, of course, bodyworkers may lead clients through the nine dimensions by playing the musical CD during a healing session; sometimes clients ask Gerry to do that. The CD, including the tenth dimensional medley of all nine dimensions, is just over one hour in length, perfect for many types of sessions.

And for you therapists and spiritual healers, you might use a guided journey for your clients now and then, when appropriate, using either the meditation we have provided, or coming up with your own guided journey.

Working with a Partner

If you’re considering teaching the long format-where you activate all nine dimensions for your students-we believe you need to have healers present to assist you (see Healers section below) because the power released by dimensional openings can be overwhelming for some participants. I was horrified during a class in Portland, Oregon, to see a man up front ready to fall off his chair; I had to stop the class to grab him. As a result, I primarily taught and Gerry handled healers who helped ground and balance students. During the musical portion, Gerry monitored the music and kept an eye on participants, to make sure everyone was comfortable. This allowed me to lead the ceremony and call in the spirits effectively. Gerry was the “go-to” person for the group, which took some of that responsibility off my shoulders. I could not teach it without him. Next comes “how to create a ceremony.”

Creating a Ceremony

Opening nine dimensions physically and emotionally must be within a sacred ceremony, because Earth’s iron-core crystal can only be accessed this way, since it is sacred. As the ceremonial leader, you begin by creating an altar to the Seven Directions in the center of the group. Once your altar is set, invite participants to place their own scared objects on your altar, but keep the space in the center open. Then you are ready to begin. Do not worry, because the Pleiadians will guide you. Also, see “The Seven Sacred Directions and Making an Altar,” p. 35 of Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (2010).

First, the group needs to be smudged with sage or cedar, or other plants you like to smudge with. The leader smudges the perimeter of the group while talking to the spirits and asking spirits of the dark to not pass into the sacred circle; these honored spirits are welcome to observe and enjoy the show. You do not have to sage each person, although you may if you like. But, even if you do sage each person, also sage the perimeter to hold council with the dark spirits. In our everyday dimension, 3D, I create ceremonies by praying to the Seven Directions-east, west, south, north, upper, lower, and heart center. This centers us in 3D and creates 4D containment for us. My books have more information about the specific meanings of the directions, making altars, etc. Generally speaking, you will not feel yourself called to conduct Activations until you have already done some previous ceremonial work, so please use your own special ways and traditions!

As leader, you pray to the Seven Directions by standing up and facing each one and blessing it or “feeding” the direction with something that the spirits respond to when you pray. I pray with blue corn, but you can use anything you normally work with such as tobacco. The participants can stand and face each direction with you if there is room to move around. As many of you know, I always see beings at the gates of each direction, and I tend to sing to them and speak to them inviting them into our circle, our ceremony. This is just my way, and you will be amazed by how it works for you. You may see something, hear something, feel something, or just know something: invite the spirits into your circle from each direction. I would suggest you drop all preconceived notions about which animal or being comes from which direction. This is a nine-dimensional dance of all the spirits for the participants, and anything can show up. Do not be surprised by what happens, do not judge it, and throughout the workshop you may discover the meaning of these appearances. Once you’ve prayed to the Seven Directions, it is time to open the dimensions.

To open the nine dimensions, everyone must understand the meaning of each dimension. This is why the “mental activation” is first and must always be first, except for groups that already understand the nine dimensions. Next it is time for you to breathe in the dimensional codes of your participants. I breathe in and hold, then breath out and hold three times, but feel free to use your own breathing technique. When breathing with the group, I see images over the group. You may feel these cues or hear them, but somehow you will know how to guide your group into the iron-core crystal-1D. Once you are there, explore this pristine world with joy, and then you will lead them out of the iron core and into 2D and begin traveling through the dimensions. Once you open a dimension, then you need to be in that dimension for 3-10 minutes, so sound or sacred movement is required. In Michael Stern’s CD, the dimensions are about 7 minutes each. This is a form of active meditation, not contemplation. We’ve had people dance the dimensions and play their own music to express each one. We’ve had the greatest success going deeply in each dimension, however, with the music composed by Michael Stearns. Activations with this music began during the opening of the Galactic Underworld in 1999, so I think you will have the greatest success by using this music, at least until you’ve created your own way to express each dimension.

Eventually you will travel into the Galactic Center-9D-and then you must guide the group back down into their bodies through their crown charkas and finally awaken them in the room. This reemergence in our bodies as a group is the ceremonial closing because the Pleiadians want you to get used to being in all nine dimensions and then popping right back into 3D, right in your bodies. For groups who wish to also explore the 10D music, I would suggest you listen to it as a stand-alone at first before you add it to a 9D ceremony. I didn’t include 10D until I had conducted more than one hundred Activations because it multiplies the dimensional immersion exponentially; I was not ready for that right away. The 10D music is a true simultaneous immersion, a level of energy that we have not felt in thousands of years; so perhaps going slowly is wise. The exponential affect seems to take over when 10D is added to the journey through nine dimensions. I bring this up here because closing the ceremony after doing all ten dimensions is really tricky. What seems to work is to guide everybody into becoming the Tree of Life, and then to bring each one back into 3D by popping them out of the Tree. After they’ve returned in 3D, you can use the same breathing technique you started with to get everybody back into Oneness.

Healers during Activations

(written by Gerry)
Once she began teaching the nine dimensions in 1995, Barbara wanted healers to be working with participants during the “mental activation” portion of the workshop because she opens all nine dimensions in the group by activating them mentally. This opening is very intense for many people, so healers are needed to keep participants grounded and balanced.

I joined her in 1996 as a healer-in-training, and took over the role of organizing the healers, as well as being one of the healers myself. We have had a colorful history of working with many types of healers, with many types of healings, so let me share my thoughts on what worked, and what did not work as well.

At the beginning, we asked our participants if anyone wished to work as a healer during the Saturday morning portion of the workshop. “Working as a healer” meant that the person knew how to work with energy in other people’s bodies. Never did we have too few, and often too many, volunteers. The best time to ask for volunteers was at the lecture, the night before the workshop began. Synchronicity plays a major role in who volunteers, and who does not, including having volunteers show up the next day saying, sorry, I realize I cannot do this today-which allows others who did not volunteer initially to ask if they could be of assistance!

The question has been asked: do we as teachers have any requirements for these healers, such as types of healing, training, etc. The answer is: we simply trust. For someone to step forward in such a personal as well as public manner suggests a lot of self-confidence, discernment, and sense of service. Yes, we occasionally turned up individuals who were a bit too public, who wanted to “show off,” who were maybe on a power trip, but this is where the participants come in: they are the ones to choose with whom to sit. Healers who are out of their integrity will not attract a lot of participants, and those who are in their truth will be gifted with many. It all works out, just as it does in the “real” world.

I will have to admit, after seventeen years of trial-and-error, groups got bigger, and our best solution for healers at workshops was the following. We would ask our promoter if he/she had any signups who also would like to serve as healers. If so, we would sometimes offer those individuals a small discount (10%) on their tuition, or reward them with a free book or CD. If we needed additional healers, we would ask for volunteers from the audience on Friday night, following our original approach that I described above.

I would like to thank, once again, any of you healers who worked in our workshops and who are now reading these words: You provided a deep sense of trust and safety within the workshop, and most of you were outstanding individuals who stepped forward without any fanfare and served, with all your love and wisdom, with little thanks but the smiles and hugs from those you touched.

Now, the reason Barbara wanted healers to be present as she (and the Pleiadians) brought in the nine dimension teachings, was this: many participants would begin to “blank out” or get agitated or “out of body” as she spoke. Rather than look at a room with some people “losing it,” she wanted to see all participants present and clear and comfortable. Also, she says this is the way we should always “be” in 3D. The process of teaching the dimensions, whether to a group of 5 or 500, is a process of “all going together,” it is a journey we all take as a group. If only one of us is out of synch, the whole group is out of sync. Furthermore, any discomfort or ungroundedness of any participant is representative of the same feelings in the rest of us; the only difference is, someone is willing to show those feelings to the rest of the group. Barbara is fond of saying: “There are no winners in here. If you have to go back to sit with a healer once or even six times, that does not mean you are not a model student.” In fact, often those who struggle energetically with the material are those who often understand it (eventually) the best!

Let me say a few words about the type of “healing” work that is most commonly done, and let you go from there. First of all, I define “a healer” as someone who reminds the person he or she is working with of who they really are, deep inside. In other words, the role of the healer is simply to let you reconnect with your deepest, purest self, to let you come into alignment with your energetic blueprint. So, how does the healer do this at a workshop? Well, we have them sit at the back of the room during the teaching portion of the workshop, and participants are free to come back at any time. Participants come to whichever healer they wish, the healer stands up, and the participant sits in the chair. Healers “tune in” to their client, using the tools they have been taught, which includes receiving the client via the heart center and through gentle touch at the shoulders. The healer may ask the participant if he/she has any special intention or issue, and that will help the healer focus the work. Most healers use light or off-body touch, and most include the feet, to help the client settle and ground better. It is important that the healers be quiet, so as to not disturb the participants who are listening to the teacher; and, at the same time, the healer and client should continue to listen to the teacher all during the healing, which may take five or six minutes. That, in a nutshell, is a quick summary of what normally takes place during these types of healing. Good luck to all you healers, and enjoy!