Fall Equinox 2023

Fall Equinox, September 23, 2023 2:50 AM EDT

From Barbara Hand Clow

As this Fall Equinox approaches, I’ve never felt a greater need to achieve balance in a very deep way…

Summer media was characterized by a rollout of indictments to investigate various crimes apparently committed by ex-President Donald Trump. By giving Zelensky billions to fight the US proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine, the USA Treasury was depleted, and the American fictional narrative about the war in the Ukraine confused the public. The party line on the war didn’t describe what was actually going on. The same story—“Zelensky is winning!”—hammered out over and over again by the narrow-eyed media was absurd! People felt like they were living their lives out in a never-ending Walt Disney cartoon. The USA, afflicted with hypnotic hubris, was caught up in the escalating catastrophes of the End Times. Well, with the Lunar Nodes advancing through Aries/Libra, people feel pressure to balance personal priorities and beliefs. Let’s use astrology to decode the pressure.

Examining the chart for the Fall Equinox, normally autumn is when we are deeply reflective and seek balance. The 2023 chart suggests the world will be desperate for balance as natural disasters kill people and collapse societies. When such a tipping point occurs, often the pendulum just swings back into balance. The outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are all retrograde, and this will pull us back through all the dilemmas that got us all so far out of balance in the first place. For example and most importantly, Venus in Leo closely squares the midpoint between Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This suggests inner feminine stress over the constant wars.

Mars in Libra quincunxes the midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus, which will force us to see we are stuck in fantasyland.

Chiron in Aries, exact opposite Mars in Libra, hints healing is coming when more people see that the proxy war is futile. Desiring to be the empire, the US perpetrated a series of wars after WWII, but that illusion is melting by never winning. This megalomania is being exposed as Saturn pulls back to 0 Pisces to go direct November 4, while Neptune completes its long transit in Pisces since 2011.

Meanwhile, Pluto will be the ultimate revealer in late Capricorn when he goes direct October 10th right on the USA 1776 Pluto. This is the last of the Pluto Returns to the USA Founding chart (2021-2023), which most astrologers predicted would unmask American megalomania! In January 2024, Pluto returns to Aquarius (with a brief dip back into Capricorn in fall,2024) to transform the world to 2043.

These cosmic forces are stubborn like a donkey pulling back on its tether, yet we are the donkeys! Stubbornness never got anybody very far, so the time has come to face up to mistakes that backed us into a corner—time to “man up.” In the latest issue of New Dawn Magazine, Alastair Crooke comments, “a new multi-polar order led by Putin and Xi is sweeping the globe that will tear down the myth of Western civilization.” This painful truth will have to be faced as the archetypal outer planet retrogrades reshape our reality. Did you or anybody else actually want to be part of an empire? As usual with empires, the money is gone, the people are disheartened, and nature strikes back. For example, top scientists see signs the Atlantic Ocean current system (AMOC) is near collapse, maybe in little more than a year. If that occurs, catastrophes will be constant and felt globally with obsession for survival dominating politics as power mongers fight each other to be the next Ghengis Khan. Real leaders will be focusing on food and housing plus wise use of resources.

The Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023, forecasts a huge change in perspective with Pluto going direct just before on October 10, and then Pluto races into Aquarius in January 2024. Pluto squares the eclipse and Uranus closely quincunxes it, suggesting extreme revolutionary change is coming soon! During the eclipse, Eris the planet of feminine retribution, is conjunct the Lunar North Node in hot Aries and opposes the eclipse, and Eris is close conjunct the North Node all the way through the fall. This configuration describes great chaos and confusion.

I strongly suspect we’ll see American hubris (Deep State) discussed openly in the US House of Representatives. And, there may be shocking changes of direction in the whole world if North Korea sends massive arms to Russia because the US has already been sending arms to the Ukraine. If ever there was a time to attend to personal needs, it’s now, because the asteroid Juno, great goddess of domestic strength, is quincunx newly direct Pluto in Capricorn. Get ready for great change and forget about fear because the times call for courage. With Juno quincunx Pluto and Eris on the North Node, disconnected violence will be examined in every home.

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse, October 28, follows the Solar Eclipse, offering insight on the shifts during the Libra Solar Eclipse. Most people will know instinctually that it is time to buckle down, concentrate on really basic needs, and forget emotional dramas. For many, emotions will have been so intense that it’s impossible to wallow in feelings.

We will be called to stand our ground and simplify whenever possible, to seek support and allies, and to remember the ways our grandparents and parents handled things during great crisis. Jupiter in Taurus closely opposes Mercury/Mars in Scorpio, giving our brains strength to clarify intentions and seek well-being. The true love we’ve nurtured in our families will enable us to dwell deep in our hearts. Eris the harbinger—exact on the Lunar North Node in Aries—will call for the adoption of long untapped survival skills as strange new scenarios unfold. The many planets clustered near to each of the lunar nodes will exert great pressure on heroes who are anxious to emerge as guides during troubled times.

Please tune in again around December 20, just before the Winter Solstice, because Pluto will go back into Aquarius a month after the Winter Solstice. We should be able to see where Pluto intends to take us at that time.

Barbara Hand Clow with Sandie Sedgbeer on the second book of the Revelations Trilogy, Revelations of the Aquarian Age, and the coming transition into the Aquarian Age

Barbara Hand Clow with Sandie Sedgbeer on the second book of the Revelations Trilogy, Revelations of the Aquarian Age, and the coming transition into the Aquarian Age

This is the second of three interviews about the Revelations Trilogy, by Barbara Hand Clow. Barbara begins this second Sandie Sedgbeer interview with a discussion of Jesus, and the Talpiot Tomb, known as the Jesus’ Family Tomb. The discussion turns to sacred sex, and the importance of sacred sex to the Earth and to the nine dimensions. Barbara talks about the importance of understanding that truth has been hidden for at least five hundred or so years, and provides a number of examples of these hidden truths. The critical point in time that we are entering now, that is the beginning of the Aquarian Age, will provide more and more revelations about the past and the present, although the transition into the new Age of Aquarius may well be difficult.

Access the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbc_mW53Jf4

Barbara Hand Clow with Sandie Sedgbeer on Revelations of the Ruby Crystal, and the Chaotic End of the Age of Pisces

Barbara Hand Clow with Sandie Sedgbeer on Revelations of the Ruby Crystal, interviewed on July 6, 2023. This is the first of three interviews, one every month in June/July/August 2023, each about the Revelations Trilogy books. Barbara talks about research for the trilogy, beginning 35 years ago, that involves ancient teachings, astrological wisdom, sexual alchemy, and spiritual revelations. The foundation of the trilogy is an exploration of the end of the Age of Pisces, from 100 BC through 2000 AD, the age of organized religion and militant religion. Barbara continues with a discussion around the setting of the trilogy, in contemporary Italy.

During the period from 2012 to 2015, there were seven squares between transformative Uranus in Aries and revolutionary Pluto in Capricorn which, according to famed astrologer and bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow are still creating mind-bending chaos in our world that is causing many to wonder whether we will survive. At the same time, however, we are being flooded with advanced spiritual knowledge that is moving us into unity with the divine mind.

lick the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hyjtG5fZUs&list=PLK12QNz7paP9Ht6CJj-X7YS9AsqkKL5Op

Barbara Hand Clow Interview with Gwilda Wyacka of Mission Evolution TV

An interview with Barbara Hand Clow by Gwilda Wyacka of Mission Evolution TV, June 20, 2023

Barbara talks about the transition from writing nonfiction to creating and researching the fictional, Revelations trilogy. Barbara relays the historical directions and contemporary circumstances that helped to guide the writing of the trilogy, including the breadth and depth of religious research and history that inspired and was weaved into the Revelations trilogy.

Video version: https://rumble.com/v2venjk-mission-evolution-with-gwilda-wiyaka-interviews-barbara-hand-clow-unmasking.html

Audio version: https://www.spreaker.com/user/xzoneradiotv/mission-evolution-with-gwilda-wiyaka-int_54

“The MISSION: Evolution Show is broadcast digitally and distributed by The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network, The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel, and their affiliated digital broadcasters, both radio and TV around the world. It is available in radio or TV at www.missionevolution.org It will also remain in our archives at www.missionevolution.org as well as on iHeart Radio, Spreaker [Apple Podcast App], iTunes and multiple other outlets.”

Summer Solstice 2023

Summer Solstice, June 21, 2023, 8:57 AM MDT

As Summer Solstice 2023, approaches, never have I felt such deep unease…

During spring, elites in control of money and politics threatened the world with an impending USA debt default. This was little more than a political game of chicken between President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, that was designed to get the people to look in the wrong direction; that is, away from the real truth about the tottering USA financial system. Also significantly, Pluto’s short dip into Aquarius, March 23 to June 11, brought out the dangers of AI and robotics, the exponentially-rising technologies the elite want the public to ignore as long as possible. If this happens, like a tsunami it will be too late for anyone to stop it.

The passage of the bill to avoid a USA default kicked the money can down the road, but the ongoing severe global recession and banking crisis since 2009 grows and grows. This posting uses astrology to suggest how to turn your eyes in the right direction: Pluto’s brief stay in Aquarius this spring opened wider perspectives on the USA/NATO war against Russia; the AI revolution that could be the cause of human extinction; and many fear the World Health Organization’s real intention is global control, not human health. This year, Saturn in Pisces inspires us to commune with our souls while absorbing the catastrophic waves of change coming with Pluto in Aquarius from early 2023 to early 2044. We need soul guidance to utilize Pluto’s potent dark wisdom during the next twenty years; basic survival is at stake.

Pluto is briefly back in Capricorn until January 20, 2024 (with a brief dip back into Capricorn in September to mid-November, 2024), a phase when the majority will lose trust in structures based on dominance and control. While this levelling goes on, the themes that popped up when Pluto dipped into Aquarius this spring—debt crisis, rising interest rates and inflation, the futility of the Ukraine war, the specter of nuclear disaster, and total AI control—are advance indicators of the next twenty years. People tell me they are finding it is hard to focus amidst fantasyland money management, a hyper WWIII arms race, exploding mRNA technology, AI and robotics. Yet, there are good and bad aspects in these themes; it’s always that way. Consider using the potent Pluto in Aquarius cycle through 2044 to encourage the elites—even force them—to develop these powerful tools for the good of all the people, not just the privileged few! Demand this with your dollars! Scientists, billionaires, and corporations must adopt impeccable ethics immediately, or a catastrophic revolution is coming. We all know this by now, even the elites, but money blinds their eyes and steels their hearts.

Just before this Summer Solstice 2023, there was a potent New Moon in 27 Gemini that set the stage for the summer. A pause-for-reflection is going on with Pluto back in Capricorn eroding dysfunctional systems. And, Saturn went retrograde during this Gemini Moon—a potent combination that favors backing out of supporting crazy extremes such as the LBGTQ movement. Deep unease and confusion crept into our minds as the Gemini New Moon squared Neptune in 28 Pisces. Creeping doubt about the value of extremes resonates with Pluto’s dark ability to inject truth this summer. The Gemini New Moon emphasized survival over attention-grabbing fads. The compelling push for more comfort and ease with AI/Robotics has numbed the majority of the people as they wander about lost in AI virtual rainbows. If you watch closely, many people are splitting off in a world of runaway technology as if there were no tomorrow. Everybody is facing great difficulty and confusion, yet also notice that you feel more alive in nature amidst churning weather and earth changes that mirror your disturbing thoughts within. However, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Things are going to rock when reality takes a quantum leap during the New Moon in Cancer on July 17. Pluto in late Capricorn opposes the New Moon in 25 Cancer and is squared by the lunar nodes that are moving into Aries/Libra, a karmic Grand Square. Grand Squares draw down very high dimensional forces, thus critical change will come. Neptune retrograded on June 30, thus during the Cancer New Moon we will easily commune with our souls; Goddess nurturance will flow in our hearts. However, in the collective, the USA will be in deep crisis because Pluto is edging back closer to Pluto in the 1776 USA Foundation chart. Also, Chiron retrogrades July 23 exactly on Chiron in the 1776 USA chart suggesting some kind of deep wounding. I prefer to not predict specific things, only field tendencies, but maybe the wolf in sheep’s clothing will be exposed (Biden?). In some way, many more people will see that the US is not the Global Empire. Maybe with high food prices, a rising tide will scream for a cutback in the bloated military expenditures that are bankrupting the public. Jupiter has been in Taurus since May 16, an aspect favoring economic stability, so the pressure will be intense to stanch the financial bleeding.

The Lunar Nodes show us how the past transforms current reality. I think a critical shift will come during this Cancer New Moon because the nodes move out of Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra, suggesting excess materialism and ugly violence will wane. Suddenly, evolutionary personal growth in balance with the opposing forces will be the new game in town for the next 18 months. We will trust our own instincts to choose an enlightened path with retrograde Neptune and Chiron guiding us. Yet, as many people discover their inner power, dissonance in the world “out there” will be deafening. Change is never easy; awakenings unbalance and disconcert us. The level of change required for each one of us is intense; shocking events will test us to the max. But, if you shift your perspective just a little, you may recall that these events have been predicted for a long time. This is happening now because so many have lowered their resistance, and also astrology is moving into a more harmonic zone, such as the Lunar Nodes in Aries/Libra, that will encourage personal initiative and balance until January 2025.

I feel like we’ve come to a turning point—especially during the New Moon in Cancer in July—that is opening up many people to the critical danger we all are in together. You’ve experienced adrenaline flowing during crisis, even spikes in your consciousness. During this time of great evolutionary potential—Summer Solstice 2023—your body will not fail you; just surrender to the flow. If you plan to stay on this planet during the great passage—2023 to 2027—be ready to reach out to the ones you know and love, and to all other humans, animals, plants, even ETs! Take plenty of time to admire the magnificence of our planet, Gaia, as she speaks her truth through natural phenomena.


Please tune in again just before the Autumn Equinox on September 18-20.

Radio Interview with Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest radio show interview with Barbara Hand Clow on HealthyLife.net Positive Talk Radio

Listen to an audio link to a healthylife.net radio interview with Barbara Hand Clow. Hapi Hara and Johndennis Govert of Crystal Quest talked with Barbara on June 12, 2023, on the topic of Earth changes and our role in positively embracing human transformation.

Please click on this link: https://healthylifenet.mainstreamnetwork.com/media/HJD061223.mp3

Original airing June 12, 2023 at 9:00 AM PDT

Priestly sexual abuse and the Revelations Trilogy with Barbara Hand Clow and Emily Trinkaus

Barbara Hand Clow on transitioning into the Aquarian Age, bringing hidden knowledge to light, and writing fiction in nine dimensions.

Interview with Emily Trinkhaus of The Embodied Aquarian (May 8, 2023)

From Emily Trinkaus: I’ve been tuning into Barbara’s work for more than 20 years, and it’s had a profound impact on my life and my work as an astrologer. I was thrilled to get to talk with Barbara about the fascinating information and insights revealed in her trilogy.

We covered:

  • The breakdown of world religions at the end of the Age of Pisces;
  • Why the Catholic Church instituted celibacy for priests, and the connection between celibacy and the sexual abuse of children;
  • The second dimension (inner earth) as our source of health – and viruses as “an issue of the second dimension;”
  • The higher potential of sexuality as an avenue to multidimensional consciousness – and the repression of human sexuality as a form of control;
  • Barbara’s reflections on the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2011-2012;
  • The consciousness-raising “harmonic convergence” of planets in 2026-27;
  • And much more!

Audio Link: https://embodiedaquarian.substack.com/p/reawakening-esoteric-wisdom-and-a#details

March 2023 Quarterly Update: Spring Equinox

This Equinox is a rare opportunity to harness the deep wisdom of Saturn as it moves into Pisces, its most subtle vibration. In tune with the potent balancing forces of this Spring Equinox, this spring is a golden opportunity to awaken philosophical greatness. We must seek inner wisdom now because Pluto moves into Aquarius a few days after the Equinox, and shocking revelations are coming to our world. Saturn’s discipline and structural genius can help us absorb and integrate Plutonic truth through 2043!

To imagine how to access Saturn’s greatest potential this spring, we must first consider Neptune, since it is the planet that rules Pisces, the sign that guides us to spiritual realms. Neptune has been inspiring us to contact spirit since it completed its first orbit around the Sun in 2009. As soon as this planetary bridge to the divine was seen by telescope in 1846, our consciousness began drawing down subtle frequencies. Many discovered they could contact divinity on our own; thus control by organized religions began to break down. Losing old ways is very hard for people, but we are all lucky to be alive as we feel divine forces awakening in nature and in our hearts. [For background on Neptune, view my interview with Regina Meredith titled “Is Neptune the Elephant in the Room?”]

This process of spiritual infusion is culminating at the end of the current Neptune-in-Pisces cycle (2011-2026) a revelatory phase that inspired me to write the Revelations Trilogy. In light of the upcoming transits through 2027, human awakening is speeding up, and Pluto in Aquarius will soon nucleate blocks to personal and collective spiritual growth. Neptune rules our ability to choose our destiny as humans, the radical fusion with our souls. We are here on Earth to experience divinity, a compelling desire that helps us stay in our bodies right now. Saturn in Pisces through mid-February 2026 will structure Neptune’s soul power in our bodies. Review what was going on in your life during the previous cycle of Saturn in Pisces—January 1994 through April 1996—to get a sense of what will be unfolding now. Then as Neptune goes into Aries in 2025 while Saturn is still in Pisces, great fiery spiritual power will inspire us. If we seize the power of Saturn in Pisces during this Equinox, we will easily commune with our souls. Then when Neptune goes into Aries in 2025, our unconscious will merge with our conscious minds as Nature opens our hearts.

Well, how do we work with the highest vibrations of Saturn? Saturn was the outermost known planet until Uranus was sighted in 1781. Before that, old Father Time was the gateway to the outer universe, the home of high spiritual forces where frequencies are much subtler than the fields on Earth. However, once the Saturn Gate opened for humans in 1781 (when Pluto was previously in Aquarius), we began to detect the higher frequencies of Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris. As Saturn’s grip relaxed over those 250 years, the creative powers of the outer planets stimulated our psyches, even though only a few esoteric people were conscious of this, such as Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung. This Neptune-in-Pisces phase completes in January 2026, then Arian fire will charge Earth with cosmic potency deep down in the iron core. Saturn goes into Aries in mid-February, 2026 and will conjunct Neptune in Aries February 20, 2026! Wow! Like good pilot training, Neptune can’t fly without Saturn’s navigation.

We can intentionally use the highest spiritual frequencies of Saturn in Pisces this spring. When Saturn entered Pisces on March 7, high angelic powers used the Full Moon in 17 Virgo/Pisces to pierce Earth: The Sun in 17 Pisces on the midpoint between Mercury in 8 Pisces and Neptune in 25 Pisces helped us to embody Neptune—total access to our mental and spiritual powers—when Saturn entered Pisces. Did you feel wobbly and otherworldly during the March 7 Full Moon? Also, Chiron was in 14 Aries (healing) conjunct Jupiter in 13 Aries (expansion) with Venus (attraction) in 19 Aries—all releasing potent healing powers! And, this Full Moon was T-Squared by Mars in Gemini, which released a lot of stress. Very intense and even tanked a few big banks!

Let’s bring the greater world into this discussion. Considering Pluto going into Aquarius March 23 soon after the Spring Equinox, I must be candid: Our world’s normal harmonic—Nature—has been radically disturbed by Western domination, America as World Empire. Pluto in Aquarius will end this pattern. Speaking of the outrageous hubris of the elite, this hideous battle is not about the end of Earth; it is about the end of the industrial world that uses war for what it wants.

As Neptune’s transit through Pisces culminates, many have abandoned organized religions for personal access to inner knowing. Pluto in Aquarius will reduce organized religion as people realize it is the driving force of the wars they’ve come to hate. With potent spring transits and Neptune completing it’s journey through Pisces, you will see people acting from inner knowing instead of being driven by outside forces they despise. The industrial destroyer will implode when Nature awakens in human hearts. Of course, this revolution of clarity will result in earth changes. How extreme they will be depends on how much we resist.

As the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, use Saturn to let go of old patterns that strangle our planet! Do not obey rules you do not respect. Individuals using Saturn as a spiritual guide can use Pluto in Aquarius to activate cosmic consciousness in the collective over twenty years. We are here to eliminate power mongers so that we can survive as Earth cleanses the destroyers. We are here to be one with Earth in alignment with Saturn, the father of spirit and time, so that Pluto can reveal Earth’s love.

We’ll talk again at the Summer Solstice!


by Barbara, posted March 18, 2023

Interview with Sandie Sedgbeer of OMTimes TV

Face to Face with Barbara Hand Clow

Interview with Sandie Sedgbeer of What Is Going OM, on OMTimes TV (March 16, 2023)

“This week on the No BS Spiritual Book Club…revelations, hidden secrets, secret agendas…and the 10 Best Spiritual Books that influenced acclaimed astrologer, researcher, spiritual teacher and author, BARBARA HAND CLOW on her life journey. Widely known for numerous best selling non-fiction books, which include The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions, Awakening the Planetary Mind, Catastrophobia, Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini, and The Mayan Code, Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed astrologer, ceremonial teacher, and Mayan Calendar researcher. Barbara’s recently published. highly controversial trio of “fictional” books, known as “The Revelations Trilogy,” share some startling revelations about what might really be going on in the world today and the different agendas at play. (There’s a good reason that word “fictional” has quotes around it!)”


DEEP DIALOGUE with Stewart Pearce and Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow is interviewed by Stewart Pearce on March 6, 2023.

Barbara and Stewart discuss the “major shift in consciousness” that is coming as Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23, just after the Spring Equinox. The structural confinement and control we have been experiencing will release, and radical change will be the first stage of a building harmonic pattern in the heavens through 2027.

Barbara also discusses the characters in the Revelations Trilogy, and how their depth came about as the novels evolved while they lived amidst deep troubles in the USA, Italy, and the world.

Click on the meme below or here.