2024 Predictions with Regina Meredith: The Age of Aquarius is Happening Now

Regina Meredith spoke in January 2024 with Barbara Hand Clow in the course of preparing Regina’s video entitled 2024: Time To Be Bold. Here is what Regina has to say about the video:

“You can feel it in your bones. 2024 is confronting us with both a daunting and an energizing invitation to snap out of any complacency and come back to life. I feel it as something pushing me forward, making me antsy and restless, seeking change. To get a better idea of the cosmic energetics that are in play I decided to speak with my friends and colleagues about what Pluto moving into Aquarius on January 20th REALLY means to us. What I learned is that the great Age of Aquarius is now firmly upon us, which means that we now witness the old ways crumbling, while beautiful, new green sprouts rise up underneath to create a new foundation for life on earth. But it won’t be smooth. At the end of my commentary I offer a couple of ways to maintain our relationships, while the world seems to spin off kilter. Go forward brave souls into the unknown landscape of 2024!!”

Visit the video here: https://youtu.be/8pNyurAvAcw