2023 Winter Solstice

December 2023 Quarterly Astrological Update

Winter Solstice: December 21, 2023, 10:36 PM EST, Washington, D.C.

As we enjoy the early winter light, have you found a new balance this fall? With the lunar North Node’s transit in Aries opposite the South Node in Libra, and the fall’s potent psychological pressure from the influence of the retrograde outer planets, we were encouraged to see both sides of the conflict in our world. Balance—the yin and the yang—always attracts the angels of light that widen the pathways to truth.

This winter with the outer planets in direct motion, we will do much more to attain balance. Most of us are mulling over what we feel about living through the Apocalypse—the lifting of the veil of lies. Ugly truths and evil people must be named and exposed in 2024. Never underestimate what you can do to them with your mind and by shaming them. Recent global events are very stressful as US power wanes—the end of the fantasy of America as global empire—because of Pluto’s influence on the USA 1776 birth chart. A great balancing of nations is happening as the world’s people scream for fairness. When Pluto goes back into Aquarius on January 20, 2024—its second ingress since March 23 to June 11, 2022—power mongers will crawl into holes. You’ll be amazed.

Pluto in Aquarius will rock the world! It started when Pluto went direct October 10 right after the October 7 Hamas attack inside Israel. The world went into wobble when many people refused to stay silent about a compelling need to balance Palestinian rights with the Jewish State. Eastern and Western agendas are morphing and reshaping as American power diminishes. Pluto’s Return to its placement in the 1776 birth chart triggered the US decline, one of the most astonishing astrological predictions in hundreds of years. Let’s examine it.

The chart used by most astrologers for the US as a nation, the “Sibly Chart,” was cast for July 4, 1776, and astrologers tracked events from then to now—and into the future. We’ve analyzed this chart for 250 years, and we are certain it captures very well the narrative of how the USA behaves in the world. Many astrologers dreaded the time when Pluto would return to where it was located when the nation was born—The USA Pluto Return of 2022-23. The year 2022 is reflected by the Ukraine War that fleshed out the West’s illusory power dream since WWII; evil vaccine dangers hidden by Big Pharma; and the political disintegration in the US.

Looking closer at the Pluto Return—what happened during three exact returns in 2022, plus a recent close encounter in 2023 during October 5-15, 2023—patterns can be found: The first Pluto Return in 2022 was February 20, four days before Russia invaded the Ukraine; the second was July 11, when smart critics said the US had triggered a proxy war against Russia; and the third was December 28, when the US was struggling financially and overrun at the Southern Border, and flagrantly, the US   sent cruise missiles to the Ukraine that could be aimed right at Moscow. During fall 2022, also the USA prodded China by sending unwelcome American critics to Taiwan. These pushy gestures aggravated the political scene in the US and raised domestic tension causing a truly scary breakdown in the American collective mind. Then, during October 5-15 this year, 2023, Pluto was back on the US Pluto, and Hamas attacked Israel—immediately called by Israelis, “Israel’s 9/11.” Pluto was now direct, and this last close pass on the 1776 chart threatened the Middle East with caustic breakdown. Normally it takes years for people to even find words for something like this.

Some readers may feel I pay too much attention to the US, but the world’s people scream about US and NATO power imbalances, news blocked in the American media. The truth about the decline of the US during its Pluto Return could help us understand American hubris—instigating wars we almost always lose. Why is the US collapsing from within? I hope this pain will not be long lasting, but since Pluto is driving the agenda, it probably will be. With such intense eruptive transformation, looking back in time is useful. As this Winter Solstice arrives, it’s time to integrate what happened during the USA Pluto Return.

We also experienced a collective global awareness of a climate-based “Tipping Point” in 2023. Back in 2001, my book Catastrophobia (retitled in 2011 as Awakening the Planetary Mind) explored “catastrophobia,” the traumatic effects of climate disasters on human evolution. Studying these climate cycles, we see that humans are a multi-traumatized species that is now remembering past disasters. Long-term cyclical changes have little to do with a so-called “Global Warming Hypothesis,” a wasteful carbonized money-grab making Al Gore richer. At this point, we know terrible catastrophes are coming, and many have lost faith in government and media narratives. My opinion is, the only thing leaders can do during climate change is help victims, and otherwise, most of what they’ve been doing has created new problems.

What can astrology offer? Anticipating what Pluto in Aquarius may bring this winter can help, so let’s look back. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn (2008-2023) decimated economic and political systems, quickening the collapse of industrial civilization. The power-mongers who created it are clawing for the last of the money. The people struggle with dwindling resources, energy waste, insidious corruption, loss of viable habitat, and greed. As for astrology’s insights, the Winter Solstice chart suggests that after living life so close to death for a few years (thank you, Pluto!) this winter will bring great wisdom and insight. As the Sun goes into Capricorn during the Solstice, it conjuncts Mercury retrograde, which is exactly trine the Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter. This earthy and expansive trine will bring wisdom and peace in nature and emotional joy. Ahhh . . ! Furthermore, Uranus in Taurus exactly opposes Venus in Scorpio, thus feminine intuition will be served during Solstice feasts.

The great truth-seeker, the infamous God of the Underworld, Pluto (poised to soon go into Aquarius), stripped off the Emperor’s clothes when Pluto was in Capricorn; so next comes the backlash. Since 2000, the Elite have been milking the public and bankrupting the US via the global warming hypothesis, and their nutty schemes will just stop like electric cars without charging stations. Pluto entering Aquarius, January 20, 2024, will inspire a gigantic collective “NO” from people enraged by all the waste and stupid experimentation. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is the ultimate rebel, so a rebellion of Plutonic proportions is coming with Pluto in Aquarius. Why? The Sun goes into Aquarius in January exact conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, a fated solar revolution that may ignite massive solar flares.

This wacky early Aquarius solar/Pluto duo that trines the Moon in early Gemini will be globally felt because Saturn in early Pisces exactly squares the Gemini Moon. This pressure will draw in angels and spirits to guide anyone poised to use these exceedingly positive powers, such as YOU! Endurance will suffuse survivors who’ve been working in community, simplifying, and adopting tried-and-true means to live well in the future without an Elite in control that is milking the collapsing industrial world. Really? Venus in 27 Sagittarius squared by Neptune in Pisces is exactly on the Galactic Center poised to unleash the Great Goddess on Earth.

Gods do not rule Earth. Ultimately, dry and flaccid robotics is not going to be superimposed on badly designed, wasteful Earth-abusing industrial creations—such as driverless cars that run amok in the streets. Nobody is going to shoot carbon into the Earth or mandate mRNA vaccines jabbed into arms. The Great Goddess in the Galactic Center will inject feminine power—the ability to say NO. The Solstice Chart describes an intense and brilliant breakthrough this winter; possibly out-of-control like during the 1960s, so don’t look for it on television. I don’t know how fast this will happen since the Solstice chart influences the collective mind to 2043. Whatever happens, new pathways will be furrowed by early 2044 when Pluto influences Pisces—the time for Gaia’s revelation.