Summer Solstice 2023

Summer Solstice, June 21, 2023, 8:57 AM MDT

As Summer Solstice 2023, approaches, never have I felt such deep unease…

During spring, elites in control of money and politics threatened the world with an impending USA debt default. This was little more than a political game of chicken between President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, that was designed to get the people to look in the wrong direction; that is, away from the real truth about the tottering USA financial system. Also significantly, Pluto’s short dip into Aquarius, March 23 to June 11, brought out the dangers of AI and robotics, the exponentially-rising technologies the elite want the public to ignore as long as possible. If this happens, like a tsunami it will be too late for anyone to stop it.

The passage of the bill to avoid a USA default kicked the money can down the road, but the ongoing severe global recession and banking crisis since 2009 grows and grows. This posting uses astrology to suggest how to turn your eyes in the right direction: Pluto’s brief stay in Aquarius this spring opened wider perspectives on the USA/NATO war against Russia; the AI revolution that could be the cause of human extinction; and many fear the World Health Organization’s real intention is global control, not human health. This year, Saturn in Pisces inspires us to commune with our souls while absorbing the catastrophic waves of change coming with Pluto in Aquarius from early 2023 to early 2044. We need soul guidance to utilize Pluto’s potent dark wisdom during the next twenty years; basic survival is at stake.

Pluto is briefly back in Capricorn until January 20, 2024 (with a brief dip back into Capricorn in September to mid-November, 2024), a phase when the majority will lose trust in structures based on dominance and control. While this levelling goes on, the themes that popped up when Pluto dipped into Aquarius this spring—debt crisis, rising interest rates and inflation, the futility of the Ukraine war, the specter of nuclear disaster, and total AI control—are advance indicators of the next twenty years. People tell me they are finding it is hard to focus amidst fantasyland money management, a hyper WWIII arms race, exploding mRNA technology, AI and robotics. Yet, there are good and bad aspects in these themes; it’s always that way. Consider using the potent Pluto in Aquarius cycle through 2044 to encourage the elites—even force them—to develop these powerful tools for the good of all the people, not just the privileged few! Demand this with your dollars! Scientists, billionaires, and corporations must adopt impeccable ethics immediately, or a catastrophic revolution is coming. We all know this by now, even the elites, but money blinds their eyes and steels their hearts.

Just before this Summer Solstice 2023, there was a potent New Moon in 27 Gemini that set the stage for the summer. A pause-for-reflection is going on with Pluto back in Capricorn eroding dysfunctional systems. And, Saturn went retrograde during this Gemini Moon—a potent combination that favors backing out of supporting crazy extremes such as the LBGTQ movement. Deep unease and confusion crept into our minds as the Gemini New Moon squared Neptune in 28 Pisces. Creeping doubt about the value of extremes resonates with Pluto’s dark ability to inject truth this summer. The Gemini New Moon emphasized survival over attention-grabbing fads. The compelling push for more comfort and ease with AI/Robotics has numbed the majority of the people as they wander about lost in AI virtual rainbows. If you watch closely, many people are splitting off in a world of runaway technology as if there were no tomorrow. Everybody is facing great difficulty and confusion, yet also notice that you feel more alive in nature amidst churning weather and earth changes that mirror your disturbing thoughts within. However, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Things are going to rock when reality takes a quantum leap during the New Moon in Cancer on July 17. Pluto in late Capricorn opposes the New Moon in 25 Cancer and is squared by the lunar nodes that are moving into Aries/Libra, a karmic Grand Square. Grand Squares draw down very high dimensional forces, thus critical change will come. Neptune retrograded on June 30, thus during the Cancer New Moon we will easily commune with our souls; Goddess nurturance will flow in our hearts. However, in the collective, the USA will be in deep crisis because Pluto is edging back closer to Pluto in the 1776 USA Foundation chart. Also, Chiron retrogrades July 23 exactly on Chiron in the 1776 USA chart suggesting some kind of deep wounding. I prefer to not predict specific things, only field tendencies, but maybe the wolf in sheep’s clothing will be exposed (Biden?). In some way, many more people will see that the US is not the Global Empire. Maybe with high food prices, a rising tide will scream for a cutback in the bloated military expenditures that are bankrupting the public. Jupiter has been in Taurus since May 16, an aspect favoring economic stability, so the pressure will be intense to stanch the financial bleeding.

The Lunar Nodes show us how the past transforms current reality. I think a critical shift will come during this Cancer New Moon because the nodes move out of Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra, suggesting excess materialism and ugly violence will wane. Suddenly, evolutionary personal growth in balance with the opposing forces will be the new game in town for the next 18 months. We will trust our own instincts to choose an enlightened path with retrograde Neptune and Chiron guiding us. Yet, as many people discover their inner power, dissonance in the world “out there” will be deafening. Change is never easy; awakenings unbalance and disconcert us. The level of change required for each one of us is intense; shocking events will test us to the max. But, if you shift your perspective just a little, you may recall that these events have been predicted for a long time. This is happening now because so many have lowered their resistance, and also astrology is moving into a more harmonic zone, such as the Lunar Nodes in Aries/Libra, that will encourage personal initiative and balance until January 2025.

I feel like we’ve come to a turning point—especially during the New Moon in Cancer in July—that is opening up many people to the critical danger we all are in together. You’ve experienced adrenaline flowing during crisis, even spikes in your consciousness. During this time of great evolutionary potential—Summer Solstice 2023—your body will not fail you; just surrender to the flow. If you plan to stay on this planet during the great passage—2023 to 2027—be ready to reach out to the ones you know and love, and to all other humans, animals, plants, even ETs! Take plenty of time to admire the magnificence of our planet, Gaia, as she speaks her truth through natural phenomena.


Please tune in again just before the Autumn Equinox on September 18-20.