March 2023 Quarterly Update: Spring Equinox

This Equinox is a rare opportunity to harness the deep wisdom of Saturn as it moves into Pisces, its most subtle vibration. In tune with the potent balancing forces of this Spring Equinox, this spring is a golden opportunity to awaken philosophical greatness. We must seek inner wisdom now because Pluto moves into Aquarius a few days after the Equinox, and shocking revelations are coming to our world. Saturn’s discipline and structural genius can help us absorb and integrate Plutonic truth through 2043!

To imagine how to access Saturn’s greatest potential this spring, we must first consider Neptune, since it is the planet that rules Pisces, the sign that guides us to spiritual realms. Neptune has been inspiring us to contact spirit since it completed its first orbit around the Sun in 2009. As soon as this planetary bridge to the divine was seen by telescope in 1846, our consciousness began drawing down subtle frequencies. Many discovered they could contact divinity on our own; thus control by organized religions began to break down. Losing old ways is very hard for people, but we are all lucky to be alive as we feel divine forces awakening in nature and in our hearts. [For background on Neptune, view my interview with Regina Meredith titled “Is Neptune the Elephant in the Room?”]

This process of spiritual infusion is culminating at the end of the current Neptune-in-Pisces cycle (2011-2026) a revelatory phase that inspired me to write the Revelations Trilogy. In light of the upcoming transits through 2027, human awakening is speeding up, and Pluto in Aquarius will soon nucleate blocks to personal and collective spiritual growth. Neptune rules our ability to choose our destiny as humans, the radical fusion with our souls. We are here on Earth to experience divinity, a compelling desire that helps us stay in our bodies right now. Saturn in Pisces through mid-February 2026 will structure Neptune’s soul power in our bodies. Review what was going on in your life during the previous cycle of Saturn in Pisces—January 1994 through April 1996—to get a sense of what will be unfolding now. Then as Neptune goes into Aries in 2025 while Saturn is still in Pisces, great fiery spiritual power will inspire us. If we seize the power of Saturn in Pisces during this Equinox, we will easily commune with our souls. Then when Neptune goes into Aries in 2025, our unconscious will merge with our conscious minds as Nature opens our hearts.

Well, how do we work with the highest vibrations of Saturn? Saturn was the outermost known planet until Uranus was sighted in 1781. Before that, old Father Time was the gateway to the outer universe, the home of high spiritual forces where frequencies are much subtler than the fields on Earth. However, once the Saturn Gate opened for humans in 1781 (when Pluto was previously in Aquarius), we began to detect the higher frequencies of Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris. As Saturn’s grip relaxed over those 250 years, the creative powers of the outer planets stimulated our psyches, even though only a few esoteric people were conscious of this, such as Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung. This Neptune-in-Pisces phase completes in January 2026, then Arian fire will charge Earth with cosmic potency deep down in the iron core. Saturn goes into Aries in mid-February, 2026 and will conjunct Neptune in Aries February 20, 2026! Wow! Like good pilot training, Neptune can’t fly without Saturn’s navigation.

We can intentionally use the highest spiritual frequencies of Saturn in Pisces this spring. When Saturn entered Pisces on March 7, high angelic powers used the Full Moon in 17 Virgo/Pisces to pierce Earth: The Sun in 17 Pisces on the midpoint between Mercury in 8 Pisces and Neptune in 25 Pisces helped us to embody Neptune—total access to our mental and spiritual powers—when Saturn entered Pisces. Did you feel wobbly and otherworldly during the March 7 Full Moon? Also, Chiron was in 14 Aries (healing) conjunct Jupiter in 13 Aries (expansion) with Venus (attraction) in 19 Aries—all releasing potent healing powers! And, this Full Moon was T-Squared by Mars in Gemini, which released a lot of stress. Very intense and even tanked a few big banks!

Let’s bring the greater world into this discussion. Considering Pluto going into Aquarius March 23 soon after the Spring Equinox, I must be candid: Our world’s normal harmonic—Nature—has been radically disturbed by Western domination, America as World Empire. Pluto in Aquarius will end this pattern. Speaking of the outrageous hubris of the elite, this hideous battle is not about the end of Earth; it is about the end of the industrial world that uses war for what it wants.

As Neptune’s transit through Pisces culminates, many have abandoned organized religions for personal access to inner knowing. Pluto in Aquarius will reduce organized religion as people realize it is the driving force of the wars they’ve come to hate. With potent spring transits and Neptune completing it’s journey through Pisces, you will see people acting from inner knowing instead of being driven by outside forces they despise. The industrial destroyer will implode when Nature awakens in human hearts. Of course, this revolution of clarity will result in earth changes. How extreme they will be depends on how much we resist.

As the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, use Saturn to let go of old patterns that strangle our planet! Do not obey rules you do not respect. Individuals using Saturn as a spiritual guide can use Pluto in Aquarius to activate cosmic consciousness in the collective over twenty years. We are here to eliminate power mongers so that we can survive as Earth cleanses the destroyers. We are here to be one with Earth in alignment with Saturn, the father of spirit and time, so that Pluto can reveal Earth’s love.

We’ll talk again at the Summer Solstice!


by Barbara, posted March 18, 2023