A Channeling from the Pleiades by Barbara Hand Clow, July 2015

The Nine Underworlds of Creation and the Nine Dimensions from the Pleiadians
Channeled by Barbara Hand Clow—July 12, 2015

We detect a shattering in Earth’s reality base caused by the Nine Underworlds of Creation functioning simultaneously in order to clear negative patterns on Earth. As the result of the completion of seven Uranus/Pluto squares in March 2015, the evolutionary records in the Nine Underworlds are wide open. The old order of your systems are breaking down, thus you all are suffering with nearly intolerable information overload. We have returned to inform you about this wave opening, which is very difficult for us because the elite frequency jamming is very high. Meanwhile, in synchronicity and resonance with Carl Johan Calleman’s end date of the evolutionary Mayan Calendar—October 28, 2011—we Pleiadians announced at that time through Barbara Clow that nine dimensions—advanced human perceptual abilities designed to take you beyond limitation—were fully available to human consciousness. Think of it as a lovely Oriental fan that is slowly opening to show its beautiful birds and flowers. To summarize the nine
dimensions: More of you can read the intelligence in the Earth’s core; detect tectonic changes; be totally grounded in linear space and time; analyze the dark and light forces easily; live with an open heart; align with ideal geometrical form; listen to the music of the spheres; communicate with the divine intelligence; and attain galactic citizenship. The tenth dimension is the vertical access that carries you into the Universe to garner your galactic citizenship papers. We await you.

During the seven Uranus/Pluto squares, a critical mass of individuals attained ninedimensional perceptual skills. Those who have are experiencing evolutionary genius, mastery of the records in the Nine Underworlds of Creation. If you’ve done your homework on this wisdom of the ages, you are basking in wonder contemplating the great climb from the creation of the first cell to complex spiritual human. If you have not yet studied the Nine Underworlds of Creation, you have work to do because we all must work together to clear the negative residue of each Underworld so that we can collectively select positive creations. Why and how? Once Earthlings have selected enough positive evolutionary traits by filtering out negative patterns not allowed in the multiverse, you will have unity consciousness. The multiverse, as discussed by Alfred Webre, is short for the universe populated by multidimensional intelligence, that is now awaiting Earth’s biological data to be used as a matrix for the next stage of creation in many worlds. You are slated to be elected to co-create new worlds in the multiverse as Avatars. Some are already doing this work: for example, Barbara is teaching the esoteric value of authentic architecture on Alcyone in the Pleiades. However, many of you are very confused during July 2015 because the dissonance coming from the clearance of these negative evolutionary patterns is so intense.

Therefore, we’ve decided to identify pertinent positive and negative aspects of the Nine Underworlds that currently function in your reality. We offer this information because negative behavior on the part of people in power confuses you while bizarre and barbaric human acts shock you. Listen carefully: If you can identify the positive and negative aspects that developed during the nine evolutionary phases that completed in 2011, you will see that the people in power are often unconscious “carriers” of negative evolutionary patterns. Essentially, by adopting a power role they sacrifice themselves because their collective role tends to overwhelm their personal integrity. You should appreciate them for this because therwise you would have few ways to identify these dysfunctional patterns to excoriate them from your consciousness. When you cut these patterns out of your minds, you allow leaders to stop carrying them, which could get poor Jesus off his cross! Meanwhile, some leaders and individuals consciously carry positive patterns that weave timelines that form “ropes” between human hearts and the beings in the universe. For example, the San people of South Africa actually see these ropes. Individuals who take on a power mantle are highly complex and usually unfairly judged. As you observe your leaders attempting to rule during the current chaos, we will give you a little tip: Anybody who dons a power mantle is immediately told their choices and actions are monitored by extraterrestrial intelligence. Watch them carefully; you will see it. These are times that make ordinary men into saints or devils or both.

As some of you know, the Nine Underworlds of Creation and the opening of human multidimensional awareness describe the cyclic unfolding of evolution in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Nine Underworlds of Creation as defined by Calleman/Clow are very complex. They must be diligently studied and mastered by as many of you as possible because comprehending this gift from the Coba Maya enables you to be self-reflective about creation itself; this enables you to find your place in the grand scheme of things. As you do this, beings in the fifth through ninth dimensions have special badges, robes, and hats waiting for you when you identify your own role! What could possibly be more important, since you are poised on the edge of annihilation as you become conscious of your place in the multiverse? As we see it, you are going to do it because the negative patterns of the dark forces are burning up in the sunlight; the king, queen, and the pope have no clothes. The mayor too! Everything in human behavior is now visible, so let’s look at it through the nine lenses of the Underworlds.

Going back 16.4 billion years, the Cellular Underworld began its evolution through 7 Days and Six Nights of Creation, each 1.26 billion years in length. We lack evidence here on Earth for patterns before 4 billion years ago when your solar system congealed. We will not analyze the period before the solar system formed, since cosmologists are exploring that story. Regarding the Sixth Day, Sixth Night, and Seventh Day after the formation of your solar system, you are clearing negative forces in the chemistry of the solar system. This process is very complex, and these
evolutionary advances are very positive for you. This process is mainly visible in your desire to attain health. Negative residue is the belief anyone else but you keeps you healthy. The positive potential is realizing you have the ability to heal whatever ails you. You do! Now that nine
dimensions are open and fully available, when you clear your emotions, your heart is open. So you know you are healthy; you have full access to ideal body geometry; you can hear guidance for maintaining health; which means you can stay on Earth or go whenever you please.

Going back 820 million years ago (mya) to the Mammalian Underworld, we have much more information about the negative and positive aspects that were developed during its Days and Nights. Describing this would require a whole book, so we offer examples that are pertinent to what’s going on right now. We encourage you pursue this form of analysis by studying this rich period, because you will can learn how your body formed. Each Day and Night of the Mammalian is 63.1 million years when highly significant stages of evolution progressed. Fishes appeared during Day Four 441.7 mya, and its negative residue is the potential destruction of the oceans, lakes, swamps, bogs, and streams—fish habitat. Many humans are horrified by this evil pattern and are using their consciousness and resources to save this species. If you want to participate in the regeneration of habitats, you must use your consciousness and resources for this intention. Reptiles appeared During Day Five 315.5 mya. Negative traits are visible in leaders who use reptilian power to control the world by divide and conquer. This is obscene because reptiles were and are fine and noble creatures! Once they did control Earth quite successfully, however now using their cold- blooded power is a negative evolutionary trait. Positive reptilian power is the
ability to totally immerse yourself in your habitat to discover your sexual links in the multiverse. This is a lot of fun, while exercising power over anyone pollutes you with bloodlust. Skipping to Day Seven 63.1 mya, placental animals appeared to develop nurturance. The negative trait is
ridiculous neediness and feeling like the world owes you a living; you see this in women who have children to feel good, but they can’t care for them. The positive potential is love and caring for each animal, plant, and human that you encounter.

Going back 41 mya to the Familial Underworld, apes and chimpanzees evolved to prepare for the appearance humans around 9 mya. Each Day and Night was 3.15 million years long, and then finally during Day Six (9 mya), human lineages split from apes/chimpanzees. This was a stupendous leap! What an incredibly powerful moment that must have been. Negative patterns from this shift are tendencies to judge ape and chimpanzee behavior. When somebody acts like a thug, they are not an ape, they are a human that carries this archaic strain or just a person with a lousy education. Just let them do it while you go to the zoo to study the cousins we split off from. You will see they are wonderful nurturing and socially complex beings that hate the zoo as much as you hate prisons. Positive familial traits are the ability to be totally grounded using ecological intelligence to understand your habitat. Consider this: During the last few hundred years Sasquatch was probably exterminated by men because they feared the ape within.

Going back 2 mya to the Tribal Underworld, humans became social, so this phase needs to be deeply studied, since human society is failing at this time. Its negative traits are very poorly understood and dangerous for current human society. Each Day and Night was 158,000 years long, and the fully developed biological human appears when Day Seven opened, since our bodies have not changed a lot since 158,000 years ago. Currently, the socialization of humans is very charged with positive and negative traits because the Tribal Underworld was dualistic, which intensified the dark and the light during socialization. And it is close to us in time. In your current world, a significant number of humans unconsciously carry negative Tribal traits—rape, murder, mayhem, war, and greed. While observing negative Tribal residue in human behavior, such as the Sandy Hook massacre of children, you are horrified because it exposes your buried murderousness. You must face your own hidden Tribal lust and killing by ending war if you want to consciously switch to positive Tribal traits. Also, we strongly suggest you eschew pornography because it ignites Tribal lust by treating human bodies like raw meat. Positive Tribal traits are protection of home and habitat, and you admire those who do this without using negative Tribal residue, for example, keeping a loaded gun by the door. You are learning a lot about this right now because this drama is playing itself out very visibly in black/white racial tension in the US and wars in the Middle East. We see that undue interference in the lives of others, such as the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, spawns angry humans who get totally possessed by negative Tribal traits, for example ISIS. We suggest you stop interfering in the lives of others and dedicate your time to clearing your own atavistic tendencies. We offer this advice to Barack Obama who exhibits hideous Tribal behavior when he sends drones to kill and assassins to murder terrorists. Taking care of your own community is a positive Tribal trait, one that is sorely deficient in the United States.

Going back 102,000 years to the Regional Underworld, this Underworld is of critical importance because it is very recent and its positive traits could be your salvation. Salvation? As you will see in a moment, the greatest current need is to end negative behavioral residue from the National and Planetary Underworlds during the last 5,125 years. You can do this by reactivating the positive traits of the Regional Underworld that were suppressed 5,125 years ago. As beautifully portrayed in the James Cameron film “Avatar,” you are meant to live in the Garden of Eden like we do on the Pleiades. 102,000 years ago, you became conscious of the divine mind, which helped you realize you are a soul. Neanderthals discovered this divine link 102,000 years ago, so they developed large-scale red ochre mines in South Africa to extract the red-pigment, the blood of the mother, Earth. They painted their relatives’ bodies with red ochre to link the divine mind with Earth, the first use of a symbol, a critical leap into abstraction that accesses unseen realms. When you die, you go back into divine consciousness moving beyond being in a body, which they understood. Then they went on to express their kinship with all species by creating sacred caves, art, and great animal clans such as the Bear and Owl. Eventually there were thousands of years of mating between Neanderthals and early modern humans, and then Neanderthal went extinct during Night Four and Night Five. They were very sensitive beings for 100,000 years, and we humans carry profound negative residue from this extinction and the
cataclysms during the Regional; this residue is epigenetic. There is a critical need to recover positive traits because the Regional Underworld was unitary, a consciousness that is badly needed now. The new paradigm writers, such as Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Barbara Hand Clow, and many anthropologists are uncovering evidence for previously advanced early humans including Neanderthals. Night Six (13,800 BC-5900 BC) cataclysms caused our species to suffer a regression. Then during Day Seven (5900 BC-2011) we began recovering, and now we need Regional intelligence to save our habitat. Positive Regional traits are the ability to fuse ones consciousness totally with the intelligence of Earth, which then opens access to the divine mind and nine dimensions making it impossible to destroy ecosystems. Negative Regional residue is guilt from early modern human’s extinction of the Neanderthal that makes you want to dominate other species and humans. This residue severs your link to the divine mind because you still are a multi-traumatized species that clings to the survival of only yourself.

Suddenly 5,125 years ago at the beginning of the National Underworld, cities and organized civilizations ruled by priest/king cultures sprung up all over the planet. You are processing extremely negative and positive traits from this Underworld because it was dualized like the Tribal. The development of civilization favored male power, thus men were dominant and tended to be destructive or constructive. You are all too familiar with the negative traits—war, male control, economic aggression—and also enjoy the positive traits—cities, art, and complex cultures. Early on in this article, I mentioned that people are “carriers” of various traits that enable us to see negative residue from hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago. I noted that negative traits carried unconsciously cause all kinds of bizarre behavior, such as when Bush/Cheney decided America should run the world. Avatars who function as teachers, guides, saints, channels, as well as some people in power carry positive traits. When you clear out
negative residue, your will activates, which you can see by watching the great increase of Avatars at this time. During the National Underworld, priests and kings appeared to lead the people, but they’d lost their heritage—records of the Days and nights of the Regional Underworld that were
destroyed during the cataclysms 12,000 years ago. Tribal traits are exceedingly unconscious, thus dark Tribal forces tainted the behavior of many priests and kings while they strode to accomplish positive things. Fortunately, psychoanalysis has exposed elements of these dark forces in the
human mind. The National Underworld is a large and recent file that atavistically consumes priests and kings, such as Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict, a man who actually looks like a demon. Others carry a mixture of positive and negative traits, such as Barack Obama and Pope Francis. It is fascinating to observe the people in power as society clears away negative traits, which expands their choices. As we play the game better, we get peeks at the cards in the hands of the Avatars.

The Planetary Underworld—1755-2011 AD—developed industry to create comfort for all. Oil was discovered near the peak of this Underworld, and its positive and negative attributes are self-evident. Over 250 years, privileges that were reserved for the elite during the National Underworld gradually spread out to the people. Since 1755, you’ve wanted to be safe and comfortable, but this came at great cost because it brought your planetary resources to the brink of collapse because too many of you are pigs; for example Donald Trump. Your planet cannot sustain this destruction, so nature reacts to clean up dying bioregions. Fire, flood, earthquakes, and volcanoes cleanse the land and refresh the upper mantle and the crust. Regional people knew that their minds and feelings affected the weather. Weather reflects your thought processes in your bioregion as well as within planetary recirculation. The sooner you figure this out the better because as your nine-dimensional minds open, weathers events mirror your inner chaos and genius. The Avatars are helping you take the power back from the elites because they are mostly trapped in negative Tribal, National, and Planetary Underworld residue. By the way, what you think about as you watch the elite reveals your own unconscious negative residue! Do not judge leaders or systems too much by past behavior because we are all mutating now; grace them by observing closely what they are doing. The two popes in residence in the Vatican are great examples of how this works. The pope’s mantle during the last two thousand years is one of the most potent any human ever carries because Constantine fused National Underworld politics and religions. If you are Catholic, the man who wears the dolphin hat mirrors your desire for divine touch. Cardinal Ratzinger was a profoundly evil pope, yet Pope Francis is not acting this way so far. This suggests the papacy is mutating to equalize the hierarchy, which could survive as an egalitarian religion during the Age of Aquarius.

The Galactic Underworld began in 1999 as a wave of technology lasting only 13 short years. This acceleration created the positive and negative attributes of global linkage that are very apparent to all, which suggests the masses are becoming much more conscious of unity and duality than ever before. We know some of the Underworld Avatars; however, it is best to say little about them to avoid fluffing up their egos. We will suggest that individuals like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg consider taking on this role. Or perhaps the author of Fifty Shades of Grey has preempted the techies by redeeming Mr. Grey from Tribal pornography and National Underworld dominance?

The Universal Underworld accelerated time from March through October 2011. The negative traits are the suppression of the voluminous information about extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). The positive traits are being brought forth by millions of people who are preparing to enter the
multiverse now to attain unity consciousness.