Galloping through Quantum Fields: Fourth Uranus/Pluto Square: November 1, 2013 Heliocentric Square: November 23, 2013

Galloping through Quantum Fields: Fourth Uranus/Pluto Square: November 1, 2013
Heliocentric Square: November 23, 2013
Copyright 2013 by Barbara Hand Clow

The fourth Uranus/Pluto square occurs November 1. The reading of this astrological event is a double reading, since the heliocentric Uranus/Pluto square is November 23, 2013. This occurs only once, and it is the most intense phase of the great squares. Heliocentric means suncentered, that is when Uranus and Pluto are in exact square to the Sun, not Earth. Astronomers joke about our geocentric perspective by saying astrologers don’t realize the Sun is in the center of the solar system. We know the Sun is in the center; however our science studies how planetary aspects affect us from Earth’s perspective. The heliocentric reading describes the whole solar system.

These squares are to widen personal comprehension of quantum duality. More and more of us are aware of flowing in light waves that periodically become particles created by our intentions. We are about to break into a gallop in Earth’s quantum fields. The 2013 Nobel Physics Prize was given to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert, now that superstring theory was finally verified in 2012; dimensionality is becoming palpable in the light waves.

As I stated in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (2010), astrology functions in the quantum world (4D) because it analyses the planetary dance and finds probabilities in any given moment by examining the archetypal forces that influence our psyches. Using the geocentric perspective first, I will analyze the Uranus/Pluto square of November 1, 2013, to consider its impact on our species. Then in the heliocentric reading for November 23, I speculate more about probabilities. I can’t resist considering both charts because I think the dire condition on our planet is sending rescue signals out to the universe. The universe detects us when individuals integrate the quantum perception; the universe communicates with us via superstring theory. The universe is destined to become pregnant with Earth’s purpose—humankind seeding the galaxy with love. The Pleiadians and the Maya say human orgasms spin the Milky Way Galaxy, a deep mystery soon to be experienced as biological force.

Since the third Uranus/Pluto square on May 20, 2013, we’ve been tested with such ferocity that we wonder if we can take much more! Evolution is collapsing into a new form—a short-term ecological, emotional, and mental collapse—while we become less solid and more quantum-based. There is nothing to fear in this process. The people in power who believe the End is coming grab for everything in sight; regardless, their agendas flush down the toilet, such as recent failed actions by the Tea Party in the US Congress. The majority of humanity do not believe in, or want, an apocalypse because they are discovering what they think matters. When people learn how to create with their own intentions, they refuse to be bullied! Our times are inherently apocalyptical, yet up against that false edge, many cease to wait—they take action and everything shifts. If you don’t freeze up during this crisis, miracles happen.

This column covers the exact Uranus/Pluto squares, but the weird weekly influence of the ongoing square is what we’ve mostly been noticing. Uranus and Pluto are never far apart in square from 2012-15, so when any planet or the Moon conjuncts, squares, or opposes Uranussquare-Pluto, that body activates the square’s sustained tension. The oddest thing about May through November 2013 has been feeling like you are the silver ball in a pinball machine. You’re rolling along after being shot out by the knob with the spring inside, and then you get tilted, rocked, and bumped. Once a week the Moon is in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn setting off the square, like a weekly shooting gallery. The little ball in the pinball machine bangs off the rubber score posts ringing up your score, and suddenly there’s a big breakthrough. Then come weeks of being blocked and going backwards. My husband says some people take one-step forward, then three back.

Since the Moon rules our emotions, each time the Moon aspects the square, our feelings about the deep changes we are all participating in are triggered and we process a world that seems to be going mad. Certainly the global elite appears to be insane! Sometimes the people around you dump their feelings on you like a huge pile of manure. Sometimes you feel very crazy when the quantum effect creates surprising creative breakthroughs—things go pop! You grab on to it and go with the flow, think everything is okay, and then slam! You get squashed and blown away! Right? This can happen at the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels: Living in the quantum world is chaotic because it is where light waves split into particles; it is where we detect the higher dimensions—the high frequency waves. Do you really want to go back to being stuck in old Newtonian 3D—flatland cause-and-effect? Probabilities, uncertainty, and entanglement are fascinating if you’re prepared for the ride they provide.

The question is, what can we do about the constant weekly lunar aspects to the square? I seem to be doing okay when I flow with things that are working and instantly drop things that won’t move. This way of doing things will probably expand exponentially in November. Even though I often have to let go of things that seem to greatly matter to me, the synchronicities that show up in the flow are remarkable. What’s going on? We are learning to detect potent forces that can help us opt for justice and higher potential. Remember, by being more in the quantum world we more easily use our vote in the sixth dimension (6D), the world of form that directs the 4D quantum fields. [A full understanding of how 6D influences 4D is available in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions.] We are being called to focus on what nurtures the planet, which means we must reject global-elite-imposed limitations.

Strong intentions create specific realities, and the more visual you can be with your intentions, the better—visual skills are direct access to 6D forms. Higher worlds then detect our intentions and encourage us to activate long-forgotten dreams. The elite is terrified of losing dominance because its dirty tricks are being revealed. Ironically, with so many people exercising their 6D votes, power pyramids collapse and better outcomes emerge that even take the elite by surprise! A great example was the world’s horror at Assad’s use of chemical weapons. The weapons are being destroyed, which fundamentally changes the playing field in the Middle East, and the people who are destroying them instantly received the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. How’s that for activation!

Let’s look at the November 1 chart for configurations that can help us expand and grow exponentially. We have been learning new creative skills and practicing them; now it’s time to believe they work. For example, people are making significant breakthroughs in alternative energy and in the sustainability movement. The chart is cast for Nov. 1, 2013, 6:30 AM EDT, Washington, DC. [I continue to locate these charts in Washington, DC, since Obama still brags about USA exceptionalism. Vladimir Putin called Obama on his arrogance during his otherwise very good speech about the Syrian crisis. Exceptional or not, the debt crisis fiasco exposed functional rot and chaos in US governance.]

During the fourth Uranus/Pluto square, the Sun is in 9 Scorpio, Mercury 10 Scorpio, and Saturn 14 Scorpio, a grouping of three planets all close to the North Node of the Moon in 8 Scorpio. This grouping stunningly influences the human psyche because it involves Sun—sense of self; Mercury—mental function; and Saturn—structuring reality and also conjunct the North Node—focusing on new directions. The message: Each one of us is to activate our mental brilliance by using our essential purpose to structure our lives. This clear intention aligns with the power of the North Node, and it is all in SCORPIO, signaling the most intense search for truth. Wow! Mercury is retrograde, making this activation very reflective and wise. I’m really happy that the whistleblowers— Assange, Snowden, and Manning—have already begun the exposure of elite power tactics, since with the arrival of this ongoing square, whistleblowers will reveal much more.

The Scorpio group intensely affects the Uranus/Pluto square since it centers around 9 degrees Scorpio, and then Uranus is 9 Aries square Pluto in 9 Capricorn—very tight aspects. There are five planets in 9 degrees during the square, with Chiron in 9 Pisces and Mars in 10 Virgo added in. Before spicing things up with our warrior friend Mars, let’s see how the Scorpio group affects the square. The Scorpio group on the Node (mental activation of purpose to structure deep reality) sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, which means the Scorpio group will awaken Pluto’s powers of transformation. Pluto trines the lunar South Node, which means the past will enrich the present. The Scorpio group is quincunx Uranus in Aries, which will create very surprising changes and outcomes. For example, while the US was fumbling with its debt crisis in mid-October, China called for the world to get off the dollar standard; thus a major shift in global currency basis may happen. Or, the USA may withdraw totally from Afghanistan and/or end its onerous sanctions on Iran. Uranus quincunx the Scorpio group while it squares Pluto is such an intense aspect that it may trigger rash actions, especially by individuals pushed to the edge. We got a peek at this potential around the time Uranus was quincunx Saturn on October 4 with the mall attack in Nairobi; a shooter attacking the Washington Navy Yard; a woman trying to drive her car into the Capitol with her child in the back seat; a man immolating himself near the Capitol; and a biker gang attacking a driver and his family in New York City. The elite knows everybody has equal voting power in 6D since the inner circle practices alchemy. Ironically, regarding how the elite uses their power, I’m seeing signs the elite wants to select better outcomes. For example, many people were pleasantly surprised when Obama took the question of attacking Syria to the Congress and world organizations. This signaled a healthy return to the rules of the 1648 Sovereign Nation Treaty of Westphalia that George W. Bush trashed when he invaded Iraq in 2003.

I think the awareness we each have equal votes in 6D will increase radically during this square, and then increase exponentially during the heliocentric square. Why? The formative power of 6D altering 4D quantum probability fields is observable now—the first good outcomes I’ve seen in years. We see leaders genuinely grappling with a maniac who gasses civilians and whistleblowers expose elite covert activities. The pyramid is eroding under the pressure of secrecy exposure and demands for equality, so use your vote! What you say and think really matters now. Leaders in most countries are vulnerable because they don’t know what to do anymore and they’re getting replaced. Take note that Pope Francis might be an egalitarian; a powerful woman was nominated to head the Federal Reserve; and President Obama gets no respect unless he does what people feel he’s capable of doing.

Now let’s put Mars into this global soup. Mars in Virgo sextiles the Scorpio group, thus our will and energy totally support the deepening reality restructure. Great! Recall that Pluto also sextiles the group, and Mars trines Pluto. Throwing the lunar South Node in 8 Taurus into it, this configuration is a kite, also called the archer’s bow: The tips of the bow are Mars and Pluto; the bend in the bow is the Scorpio group with the North Node, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn; and the arrow being drawn back by the shooter is the lunar south Node in Taurus. This means: The powers (Mars) work easily with deep truth (Pluto), so as the string pulls back to release the past (South Node), the bow’s bend (North Node/Sun/Mercury/Saturn) blasts your brilliant intentions out into the universe—the quantum flux.

You bet there’s going to be a great deal of action and transformation with this square! Mars is quincunx Uranus, which means the transformative powers of Uranus push Mars to act! Again, the downside is a tendency for individuals to “lose it ‘ and act rashly, which has to end on this planet. For example, the truth about psychoactive legal drugs may come out: They are an open door for mind-control that turns good people into guided missiles. We are poised for the big quantum choice—constant carnage and war or unity and love? It will be the latter because we are moving through 4D carnage/war and heading for 5D unity/love.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces form a trine in water to the Scorpio group, which means the Scorpio activation is very spiritual and healing. This beautiful trine announces, “The only way to do this work is to heal and channel spirit.” And, energy will be abundant with Mars in Virgo closely opposing Chiron. In fact watch out for too much kundalini flow with this aspect! [My new book—Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini: The Transformative Power of Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus—an extensive rewrite of The Liquid Light of Sex—was just released and is a guide book for how to handle too much kundalini.] Chiron/Neptune sextiling Pluto in Capricorn offers potent spiritual access. Venus in 26 Sagittarius on the Galactic Center means the wisdom of the goddess and of Sophia is available during this intense breakthrough. [As an aside, notice how Voyager I passed out of the solar system in August 2012 just when string theory was verified, so now Earth is signaling the whole galaxy.]

The Moon in 12 Libra closely opposes Uranus in Aries, which creates a tight cardinal T-square to Pluto in Capricorn. When the Moon opposes Uranus, emotional craziness and transformation are on the menu. When the Uranus/Pluto square becomes exact, the Moon in Libra is right there to activate all of your feelings about the great transformation. We will feel highly nervous yet aggressively harmonized by the Moon in Libra in this T-square. This is like the finest synchronization during the last movement of a late Beethoven string quartet; feelings are very rarified and out of the real world. It would be wise to arrange for some contemplation time, and if somebody acts weird, discreetly move away. The T-square to Pluto in Capricorn locates this form in the Underworld for distillation, which is the only way to access intense deep meaning. A serious ecological crisis may arise, something that shows we are lost if we can’t shuck elite madness. Since Mars trines Pluto during the Tsquare, perhaps massive awareness of the need to end war will come?

On a scale of 10 for meaningful and influential charts that inspire change, this is a 10. Since this highly influential geocentric square occurs a few weeks before the heliocentric square on November 23, do your best to make maximal use of this form.

Heliocentric Reading for November 23, 2013

The heliocentric chart reads the solar system with the Sun in the center as Uranus and Pluto square. It reveals the influence of the planets on the Sun, which gives us a reading for solar consciousness. Astronomers announced in August that our Sun is expected to reverse polarity by the end of 2013. [See] If this happens close to November 23, this chart’s importance increases exponentially, since it gives us information about our evolutionary progress in the galaxy.

In any heliocentric chart, there is no (Earth) Moon or Sun, but Earth is in the chart, which is always thought provoking. That is, we are part of the solar system dynamic instead of being the center of reality. So, when we take this approach, we are not the central player in the drama.

Uranus in 11 Aries exactly squares Pluto in 11 Capricorn while Jupiter in 12 Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This puts Uranus at the top of a T-square created by Jupiter opposite Pluto. This means: Jupiter expands by nurturance (Cancer) the deep structural changes (Capricorn) inspired by Pluto, and Uranus in Aries is at the top of the T-square, which means we can change—transform very aggressively (Aries). This T-square suggests the solar system will respond to the pressures of human ecocide in meaningful ways. This has already started; for example the mad race for nuclear power is over and the World Health Organization has announced air pollution is the number one carcinogen!

Let’s turn our attention to heliocentric Saturn as it directs structure and form in the solar system. Saturn in 15 Scorpio squares Mars in 19 Leo, giving the Sun great will power to restructure reality. But, what does this mean in the sense of the solar system? There are many signs that the Sun is switching polarity and big solar flares may occur suddenly. Down here on planet Earth, US nuclear reactors have not been equipped with generators (costing only $60,000 for each plant) that would provide internal power if a solar flare knocks out the grid. If the reactors lose power, they can go into meltdown. Little attention has been paid to what would happen if solar flares shut down communications satellites. Governments are acting very irresponsibly regarding solar flares, and the heliocentric astrology for the Uranus/Pluto square suggests a wakeup call is coming. Individuals can’t do much about larger systems. But we can consider how we’d get along without our Blackberrys, Ipods, TVs, and GPS. Whatever happens, Chiron in 12 Pisces trines Saturn in 15 Scorpio, which trines Jupiter in Cancer—a wonderful water grand trine that means what transpires will be healing and nurturing. The Sun will still shine, just hopefully not too much!

During this heliocentric square, Venus in 3 Taurus is sextile Neptune in 4 Pisces. This means the feminine supports and grounds the mystical awakening of the solar system; beings in higher dimensions will join with us. Neptune in 4 Pisces squares Earth in 2 Gemini, suggesting Earth is the location of the spiritual awakening. How? Mercury in 17 Virgo is grounded and sure of himself. As the maestro sending intelligence through the solar system, he’s working with a sextile to Saturn in 15 Scorpio. For thousands of years the global elite has secreted away esoteric wisdom deep into its own coffers, while publicly lampooning alchemists, astrologers, and healers to the public. Well, Saturn in Scorpio brings back the mysteries with Mercury in 17 Virgo. If there is a solar and ecological crisis around the time of the heliocentric square, this chart suggests it is a necessary wakeup call. We all know we need it; however fear is not the appropriate response, action is. Remember, as we traverse quantum reality, beings in higher dimensions guide Earth.

Book recommendation: The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion, ORB Publishing, This is the latest and best information on our status and work with beings in higher dimensions. A must read to help you take action and a void falling into fear.