Alchemy of Nine Dimensions Twentieth Anniversary Edition

The Twentieth Anniversary Edition
Alchemy of Nine Dimensions
By Barbara Hand Clow with Gerry Clow

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March 2024 Quarterly Astrological Update

Spring Equinox: March 19, 2024, 11:07 PM EDT, Washington, D.C.

Anticipating warm breezes and melting snow, would you prefer more clarity and strength this spring? My Winter Solstice reading was quite prophetic, and it also said that what we think about affects reality. As the winter passes on, more of us can see both sides of the current conflicts. Most people seem to be deeply worried about outdated systems run by incompetent leaders who fight to survive. Inspired by Pluto in Aquarius as we enter the Age of Aquarius, people say NO! to political lies and endless wars, so many countries are realigning with new allies. Adding to the idea that what’s going on “out there” is an aggregation of what we think, the Spring Equinox is the most potent time to observe the trends in the collective mind in 2024. Let’s examine where we might be going.

The planets are in direct motion this spring until Pluto in Aquarius retrogrades in early May, so momentum will be unrelenting.   I’m shining light on how religion influences politics during 1) the final phase of Neptune in Pisces—2011-2025, 2) the many planets in Pisces around the time of the Equinox, and 3) the upcoming intense eclipses. All three influences suggest religious strife will be paramount this spring.

Taking on religion and politics puts people on edge because liberal politics have pressured people not to think about religion. But, starting in 2011 Neptune in Pisces eased spirituality back into the collective mind. As the result, I believe we need crystal clarity about how the main Western religions of the last five thousands years have developed beliefs inherited from Abraham. It looks like extreme religious conflicts will shatter reality unless the collective diffuses the historical tension. I wrote this column a few days before Senator Chuck Schumer sharply criticized Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership of Israel (March 14, 2024). When Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the US, spoke so bravely, I knew I’d chosen the right issue.

The Israeli war in Gaza is straining the Chosen People’s Covenant with God from the Age of Aries (circa 2320 to 160 BC). Christianity further evolved our belief about the Covenant during the Age of Pisces (circa 160 BC to AD 2000). Now with the Age of Aquarius, we need a clean spiritual slate. We need to be truthful about the darkness—violence, love of empire, and hatred of differences. The Age of Aries spawned the wars of empire; then Pisces unleashed wars for God. As Aquarian ideals come forth, our hearts yearn for peace and brotherly love, the values of Jesus. Close to a majority knows that economies and politics based on war have to end or we will destroy our planet.

Right now the vortex of the need to eliminate war is in Israel. The 1948 creation of the Jewish State in Palestine is now a fight for total possession of the land led by Benjamin Netanyahu. If he gets what he wants, the Israeli hubris of the Arian Age—”might makes right”—will be a funnel for unconscious Judeo-Christian beliefs about God’s dominance—that is, wars for God. What do you worship? Jesus or MAGA? Many Christians believe America protected by the Deep State should rule the world. How we see the world reflects our inner beliefs, so based on this toxic duality in Israel, we need to use the structuring power of Saturn with the power of Neptune in Pisces to finally have peace.

I wrote the Revelations Trilogy (2011-2021) to explore the evolution of Judeo-Christian beliefs through intelligent Jewish and Catholic characters. Now I’m investigating US Evangelical and Protestant trends behind Trump’s 2016 election based on Trump’s MAGA because who wants it again in 2024? What are we making great again, America as empire or clarifying Jewish and Christian beliefs? It is what we must do to welcome the Age of Aquarius.

As I anticipate the 2024 election, I see that the cognitive dissonance between the MAGA King Kong and the whining Deep State dictator, Joe Biden, could inspire an end to war! What a cosmic joke! Neptune’s transit in Pisces disciplined by Saturn in Pisces this year is exposing the vitriolic battles over religious beliefs that are splitting America and the world in two! The other planets in Pisces this spring can help us sharpen our spiritual sight, and encourage us to identify what we really want—AI and trans-humanism for more wars and greed?

Soon after the Spring Equinox March 19, there will be a Libra lunar eclipse on March 25 followed by the Aries total eclipse on April 8. The planets in Pisces during the first half of this spring reveal much about unresolved issues from the Age of Aries and Pisces. Will the wars for God intensify? Then following the eclipses on April 20, Chiron with Venus transits Chiron in the 1776 Sibley Chart [described in the previous Winter Solstice Reading about the USA Pluto Return, see Archives]. This “US Chiron Activation” happens exactly when Jupiter conjoins Uranus, which is an hour before Chiron’s return to the Sibley Chart. On this day, a deep wounding for healing is coming for Americans, possibly something triggered during the April 8th eclipse; watch for that. Whatever happens, I strongly suspect we will experience increasing tension this spring over unresolved blocks from the last five thousand years of religious battles.

Well, I’ve just dished out a lot of data and new ideas, so let’s return to the analysis of the Spring Equinox Chart, the great eclipses, and the return of Chiron to the USA chart to see what astrology reveals. During each Spring Equinox, the Sun goes into Aries when surprising new pathways often open. The world ought to begin the New Year at the Spring Equinox, especially since it is often accompanied by strong solar flares. This year Neptune in Pisces is close to the Sun in Aries, suggesting a spiritual unveiling that will be widely seen when Neptune goes into Aries at the end of March in 2025. Venus in Pisces is conjunct Saturn in Pisces, a new sense of feminine spirituality in relationships, maybe a discovery of deep spiritual aspects of love. We could experience a collective remembrance of how Jesus loved and respected Mary Magdalene. This conjunction in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Taurus, adding earthy and fortunate elements to the divine feminine, the archetype Mary Magdalene carries. Mercury combust Chiron hugs the North Node in Aries, emphasizing the healing from mental clarity so needed whenever religious conflict addles the collective mind.

The Moon in Leo closely opposes Pluto in early Aquarius during this Spring Equinox. This generates radical change and enhanced free will to choose new directions in 2024. So many are frustrated by always getting stuck with lousy leaders; this opposition describes very creative public resistance. It is time to resist political pressures that have alienated us from dear friends and relatives, time to throw cow pies at the liars! For example, considering five thousand years of religious agendas, if a ceasefire does not occur soon in Gaza, grinding genocide and the pain of innocents will go on for years. Lastly, Mars in Aquarius is exactly conjunct the USA Sibly Moon in Aquarius (public emotions), then Mars rolls into Pisces following the eclipses. This potent bullet suggests that public pressure on Biden will make him stop, or at least reduce, aid to Israel if he wants to avoid losing the 2024 election. Summing things up, we will be learning a lot in our personal relationships this spring while we are getting angrier about America’s losing foreign wars when we worry about not having enough to eat or a place to sleep. A big reckoning is on the horizon.

Eclipses are next, the big events of this spring. During the Libra lunar eclipse March 25, war issues triggered by the Moon in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius during the Spring Equinox will intensify. Mars just in Pisces will intensify religious fervor that may incite violence. Conversely, this Mars ingress could inspire a positive global shift because it spreads the Muslim great love for peace during Ramadan. In the US, Mars in early Pisces could make American Evangelicals cry out how their love for Jesus inspires them to end war by not supporting either Trump’s MAGA or Biden’s Deep State.

The April 8 solar eclipse is astounding—with Chiron in Aries exact conjunct the Sun/Moon in Aries—indicating a deep healing of an eclipsed wound is coming. Eclipses often expose hidden plots, so I think one revelation of the April 8, 2024, eclipse may be the revelation of hidden secrets about the creation of the Jewish State. Since 1948, anybody who didn’t support Zionism has been accused of anti-Semitism, but Zionism is political dominance. Zionism and the Deep State are both power agendas, not the dislike of any group. Hopefully, this eclipse will block the Sun (male force) long enough for most people to be able to see that the conflict in Gaza could darken the whole world, like a global eclipse path. Mars is the planet we use for issues about war, and Mars is close to Saturn in Pisces—a reckoning for the wars of Aries, a deep disgust for shedding blood for God. The big question is, will people favor Earth or their five-thousand-year beliefs? This eclipse could take down ancient religious obsessions.

As I’ve already noted, Chiron returns to its position in the USA chart on April 20. After that, Chiron completes its first full orbit since its sighting in 1977 on June 8, 2027. I plan to complete my analysis of the four seasons in 2028, having described the monumental world transformation of 2023 through 2028. The transit of Chiron to the US Chiron is a very big deal for the world because the US created the Deep State to rule the world—and has nearly succeeded. But, the empire game is already over. Ominously, during the April 20 transit to the US chart, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus one hour before while Venus conjuncts Chiron on the USA Chiron! Whew! What does this mean? Perhaps it will inspire a healing around war, which the world so badly needs. The nemesis in the US chart is Mars in Gemini, exact squaring Neptune in Virgo. Since WWII this tense square has driven the country into wars that the US never wins—the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars. Now the US is fighting a proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine, threatening China and Iran, supporting Israel’s war in Gaza, and may get involved in the collapse of Haiti.

Chiron’s transit to the US Chiron will open these painful wounds. Americans will realize foreign wars to conquer the world are futile and driving our country to bankruptcy, the reason why some despise the Deep State and the latest emperor, Joe Biden. And, it gave entre to Donald Trump. These days I speak freely about both Biden and Trump because many feel there is no voting choice when candidates are woefully incompetent. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, that starts a whole new cycle of change for thirteen years, is in grounded Taurus, meaning the people will demand better choices. Venus conjunct Chiron transiting the US 1776 chart will be a healing of the feminine. Women and children suffer the most during wars, while powerful men wear fashion suits and enslaved soldiers die. The heart-breaking pain in Gaza has made all this too visible, and more and more people are saying it is time to stop it.


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The Mayan Calendar finished its evolutionary push in 2011/12, and then during 2012-2015 we lived through seven squares between transformative Uranus in Aries and revolutionary Pluto in Capricorn. [See articles in “Articles” section.] This tense squaring energy still creates mind-bending chaos in our world, and you may wonder whether you can survive! However, at the same time we are being flooded with advanced spiritual knowledge that is moving us into unity with the divine mind! The good news is: the current astrology cycles suggest we will make it.

As a result of these extraordinary times, Barbara Hand Clow has created the Revelations trilogy—a series of three novels—to tell the story of our evolutionary critical leap from 2011-2020. Her heroic characters access the divine mind and take you, the reader, along with them. The first book, Revelations of the Ruby Crystal, came out in 2015, and the second one—Revelations of the Aquarian Age—was released in February 2018. The final novel in the trilogy–Revelations from the Source–was released August 2021. Her characters show how each one of us can make this leap, and they are fun and very inspiring. Since reading is one of the most potent forms of meditation we have, consider treating yourself to a journey with these books taking you out of the chaos into beauty and awakening.

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