Journeys Through Nine Dimensions
Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow

Transformative Healing

Gerry Clow
Gerry Clow
Registered Polarity Therapist (RPP)
Craniosacral Therapist (CST)
Most of our lives we are reactive, rather than reflective. We spend our time searching, not sourcing; looking, not listening; finding, but not feeling. We involve ourselves in life, forgetting often how to evolve ourselves in life, not realizing it is essential, and healthy, to be on both pathways at the same time.

The Gift of Presence
My gift in my work is to give you to a strong sense of presence. Once you are fully in the moment, you have the potential to see, and to change. This work enhances your sight, and your other senses, so that you are more in your body, more in your senses, and more able to understand and improve your pathways toward health.

I enjoy being able to offer you many new ways to see yourself, through words, yoga, and gentle, empowering touch. My goal is for you to embrace your own abilities at creating wellness in your life.

My approach is always for integration, for all the parts of your self to come together for your highest good. The potential for integration is very strong when you are going through an important life change. This is the time when you need to be able to resource yourself deeply, which can result in great learning and healing.

The best part of doing Inner Work is being able to face ourselves, and when we do that, we are able to see, rather than react. Freedom-and health-begins where our fears end. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of serving you!

Where there is Movement, there is Health!
One of my favorite mentors, Randolph Stone, D.O. (1890-1981), often said, "Where there is movement, there is health."

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), the founder of Osteopathy, would say that the "movement" we are seeking is the flow of the arteries to all areas of our body. For Stone, he would define movement as the flow of energy-electromagnetic energy-from one point to another within the body.

Then there is a third kind of "movement" which was discovered by another student of Dr. Still. And that is the "movement" in the tissues and cells of our bodies and is carried by the clear fluid produced by our brains called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). William Sutherland, D.O. (1873-1954), called this movement "the liquid light" as well as "the Breath of Life", and he named CSF as the highest element in our bodies.

The best way to achieve the first type of movement-arterial flow-is through the skills of an accomplished massage therapist or Chiropractor. The second type of movement-electromagnetism-is found in the hands of a Polarity Therapist. And the third type of movement-within the CSF-is found in the hands of a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

In my practice, I offer both Polarity Therapist (PT) and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCT). I have trained for more than 600 hours in each field, through courses in New Mexico, New York, and Vermont, from 1996 to the present.

Session Formats
How do we achieve "movement" within our bodies? In some cases, we have to facilitate it through manual palpation. In other cases, we simply "listen" to it with "informed" touch. Favorite places to listen in are at the ankles, sacrum, and cranium. Important work areas are the hips and spine. All of your viscera-chest cavity and lower abdomen-are tuned into as well.

All sessions are through loose clothing. Dialogue between the client and practitioner is important, as sessions are "client-lead," meaning your input helps lead the session. Plenty of time is left for deep relaxation and quiet.

The Benefits
First, you may experience a level of relaxation you have not felt in years, if ever. This is your body going into parasympathetic state, which is when you digest best, and when your immune system can do its best work.

Second, you may unwind years of "stuck" places. Your body's energy likes to follow its natural fulcrums-places where it organizes and balances itself-and over the years, through injury and trauma, we may have "inertial" fulcrums, areas around which our bodies have organized to compensate for the force you received, whether it was emotional or physical.

The result is "finding your midline", the energetic center of your body that runs up your spine. When this happens, you are in touch with your central nervous system, from your brain down through your spinal cord to your sacrum. This allows you to stay centered and focused in your life.

Being able to connect with old injuries and to move through them, resolve them, is a tremendous benefit of the work. Most of us carry them all the way from childbirth to the present, and many of us have sustained various injuries that we "got over" but never truly healed from. All of these levels come into play over the course of three to five sessions.

Both PT and BCT address the issue of pain, whether it is acute or chronic. Both modalities also deal effectively with the trauma related to pain. BCT is especially effective as a post-operative treatment, when gentle touch and presence are most welcomed.

Scheduling Your Appointment/All Sessions at Special Price ($60)
I work on Bowen Island, about five minutes by car from the ferry landing, and my workdays at Saturdays and Sundays, and Mondays as needed. My hours are 10-3 and I coordinate my sessions with the ferry schedule. Contact me at gctrav@earthlink.net and I will send you more specifics.

I am currently enrolled in a two-year foundations course in BCT, following my original foundations course back in 2000-2002. As a result, I am exploring new territory with the work, and therefore my session prices are lowered to $60 per session ($40 for students and seniors). I will also do shorter sessions at a reduced price for two clients arriving together.


In addition to my regular Polarity Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral treatments, I offer the following two types of specialty sessions. However, please note that these are only available to clients who have had two or more sessions of my regular work.

Nine Dimension Sessions
Based on my work for fifteen years with my partner, Barbara Hand Clow, on our seminal book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, and "Journeys Through Nine Dimensions" workshops, I offer access to these dimensions through specially guided bodywork sessions. The work is done while you are relaxing on my massage table, and I use special hand contacts to encourage deeper exploration of these energy fields. Music composed by Michael Stearns accompanies the session. This is an energetic journey you can do many times, each time with new meaning. The benefits are an expanded sense of what it feels like to be alive in this special biosphere we call Earth.

Past-Life Regression Sessions
Using the relaxing techniques of PT and BCT, I assist you into a light trance state from which you can journey into your own cellular records, which we commonly refer to a past lives. The sessions can take more than two hours, as the story you make a connection with needs plenty of time to be told. You are relaxing on the massage table throughout the session, and I choose an appropriate handhold to assist you being in a visionary state. As practitioner, I simply encourage you to "see" and report the information you are receiving. The benefits are profound, as you encounter places in your psyche that have a direct relationship to conditions within your physical body. Pains from "ancient wounds" are healed-and you are the one healing yourself! As these sessions run longer, I simply charge $50 per hour for the session.

Getting to Bowen Island, BC
You can drive or take Translink to Horseshoe Bay and catch BC Ferries to Snug Cove; it leaves every hour, with a two-hour break at lunchtime. Visit www.bcferries.com for details. I recommend buying a pre-paid Explorers Card from BC Ferries, which gives you a good discount on all your charges. It is good for this trip and for most of BC Ferries routes. You can park at Horseshoe Bay or drive over, if you have other destinations on Bowen after your session. If you arrive as a passenger only, I can arrange to meet your ferry and point out your route for walking back following your session.

A new and fun alternative for reaching Bowen is via the passenger-only English Bay Launch, holding 16 passengers. This takes less than 30 minutes from Granville Island, and the experience of being right on the water is exceptional. The round trip price is $36, and they have recently restarted their weekend service to the island. Contact them at www.eblaunch.com, and I can meet your ferry and show you your walking route for your return. However, this service will only be available from May to October each year.

Two recent client testimonials
"Well, I've experienced a courage to relax, a willingness to be led, a recognition of a former self-and in all of this I feel the refreshment of new and renewed friendships, fun, and mostly of a sweet calling towards a new destiny. I can say that I have experienced things I have not experienced before, and overall these past three months have been unlike anything I have ever known. The intentions I set out before working with you and my subsequent experiences are connected by the enlivening energy I experienced in your studio . . . . I feel in many ways very similar to you, I appreciate your wide-open curiosity and patience, the way you took time to do the detail work on the table. It all makes a difference. There is new initiative taking root from deep in my being, touched off by energies surrounding our work together, accessible only when I get quiet enough to hear it and then let myself be led by it. Even in writing this I feel a renewal of this same energy, animating the core, and singing with new inspiration. Tonight and before I sat down to write this, I was being "led about" but it feels now again like my strength or core inspiration is doing the leading. This connection to my core is what I suspected was waiting to be discovered, and it contains in it a new kind of rapture."

"I am so very fortunate that you are in my life: validating what I'm doing on my own, stimulating me to reach further, and healing me with what always feels like magic. Thank you for another amazing session. I really like my new postures and today went spontaneously into a Sun Salutation after rolling upward from your series . . . . The model you and Barbara have set of creating our own ceremonies has been crucial to me in learning body dynamics; I'm formally thanking you for it and the magnificent release it has brought to my life. And I'm very grateful for your sensitivity, experience, and intuition in bringing me to exalted moments of wholeness."

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