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Gerry Clow
Gerry Clow
Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP)
Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST)
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy/Gerry Clow, RPP, RCST

Bowen Island, British Columbia • Bellingham, Washington

My passion for using my hands "to see" started in 1995. I trained in spiritual healing at Lily Dale, New York, in 1996, then studied Polarity Therapy (PT) for a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I was the president and co-owner with Barbara Hand Clow of Bear & Company Publishers. From 1998-2000 I studied more PT with John Beaulieu in Stone Ridge, New York, and then pursued two years of foundational work in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) from 2000-2002. Currently I have completed a second level of foundational training in BCST from Scott Zamurut in 2013 and have started Scott's advanced classes on the same material. Scott's classes are taught in Santa Fe, and I have the pleasure of taking the classes with my daughter, Liz Clow, who is a licensed massage therapist and aspiring homeopath. Like me, she has the same conviction to "see" with her hands and to feel with her heart while using her mind as a curious observer.

My practice these days is 90% dedicated to doing the work of BCST, and for those of you who would like to know more about this essential healing modality, please scroll down and see my answers to the most basic questions clients ask in advance of receiving treatment.

You can book your session by contacting me at gctrav@earthlink.net. Then, I will ask you in advance for your date of birth and for your primary intention for coming to see me. This allows me time to tune into the session even before you arrive. Your first session will involve a few minutes of sitting together to get to know one another better, and to answer any questions you may have. I like to do an assessment of your physical condition, both from what you tell me and from what your body tells me. What we discuss provides a good context for entering into the table session.

You remain fully clothed during your session, and I like to put a sheet over you, or a blanket if it is winter. Most sessions you will be lying on your back, as I can access your spine, sacrum, and cranium by sliding my hands underneath you. Your "job" is to settle and relax. As one of my younger clients said recently, "Oh, I'd forgotten how to relax." This he shared when I asked him why his head had suddenly gotten much heavier in my hands.

My job as practitioner is to "meet you" in a balanced manner, and to let my hands lead the way in "reading" the health in your body. I am not putting any force or energy into your body system, just making an empathetic assessment and then observing your system as it does its own self-healing.

The other 10% of my hands-on work comes from Polarity Therapy and from my work with Barbara in accessing the dimensions we described in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (2010). The PT training allows me to do reflexology at your feet and to move energy when that feels appropriate; I especially like to use PT at the end of a session, to lead you out of your relaxed state into a more active presence. And the 9D work provides a beautiful context for sessions which I will explore in a "10 Series" soon to be announced on this website. Meanwhile, I continue to offer a "Nine Dimensional Session" to clients who have already received one or two of my normal sessions.

BCST work is gentle but powerful, so be prepared to feel different when you leave-and to stay that way! I suggest a minimum of three sessions to get the fullest benefit from the work, and you may wish to consider the ten series I will be offering soon as a deeply nourishing journey into self-healing and self-discovery.

I work from my home studio on Bowen Island, BC, within walking distance of the ferry landing. My workdays are Friday through Tuesday, and my preferred hours are 9:45-11:45, and 12:45-2:45. Those times are set by the ferry schedule and are flexible if you are on-island or coming via water taxi. I also work one Thursday each month at Wise Awakening at 314 Holly Street in Bellingham, WA; you can book there by calling 360-756-8075.

Bowen Island is served year-round by BC Ferries (bcferries.com) from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, and in summer by a new water taxi service, English Bay Launch (eblaunch.com) from Granville Island in Vancouver. Once you book your session, I will send you more information on the ferry services, on how to find me, and on Snug Cove restaurants. You can also browse Bowen's new travel website, tourismbowenisland.com, for where to stay and play.

Finally, the cost for your session is as follows:

  • Adults: $80 first session, $60 thereafter
  • Seniors/Students: $60 first session, $40 thereafter

Thank you for your interest and I hope to be of service to you. Please read the material that follows to get a deeper understanding of BCST.

An Overview of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

What is it?
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment of the physical body that connects client and practitioner (client and therapist) to the primary breath in the body. This breath is deeper and at a longer pace than respiratory or secondary breath and expresses itself as "tides" of movement, felt by the competent practitioner within the fluids, connective tissue, vertebrae, and paired bones of the body. Primary breath is the signature of the health within all of our bodies, and the practitioner's job is to establish contact with that health and let it optimize its benefits for the client. The practitioner's job is to listen through light touch, to be curious and present, but not to input any energy or force into the system they are listening to. For the client, this means dropping into a deeply relaxing and resourced state, which is the foundation for all future expressions of health.

How does it work?
Our bodies, energetically, have natural fulcrums, which operate at both the physical and non-physical level. BCST treats the client at both these levels, and allows the client to re-establish their natural fulcrums that may have been rendered into "inertial" fulcrums due to trauma, injury, or disease. The sacrum and occiput are good examples of natural fulcrums, given their location in the body. Occiputs can hold compression and torsion from birth trauma throughout our lives, and also retain the effects of sports injuries or accidents; once that trauma is released, our whole body can start to relax. Our sacrums are often the first landing spot in a fall, and our sacroiliac (SI) joints are critical feature in fluid hip/leg movement. Sacrums can also hold a lot of sexual and birthing trauma, and their freedom of movement is essential to spinal and visceral health.

What's it good for?
BCST is good for anyone who is experiencing chronic or acute pain or who has had a recent physical or emotional trauma. It is also good for clients wanting to better optimize and maintain their body's ability to heal itself. And emotionally, it helps clients reconnect in a healthy way to their nervous system and "find their center." Therefore, this work is ideal for all ages, from newborns through elders. BCST has also been an effective treatment for hospice patients wanting a more grounded way to face their transition from one realm to another.

What are the key terms used by BCST?
Key terms used by BCST practitioners with their clients are:

"potency"   the vitality found within the fluid tide of the body
"the midline"   the vertical center within all of us that arises from our earliest embryonic development of cells, tissue, and fluid
"settling"   the process of achieving a deeper state of relaxation
"stillpoint"   when tidal motion comes to a deepening state
"relational field"   the intentional field of interaction established between client and practitioner
"presence"   the key ingredient in establishing, and maintaining, an effective relational field

Where did BCST come from?
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a direct outgrowth of the practice of Osteopathy. Its founder, Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO (1828-1917), was proud to call it "an American invention" back when so many other inventions in science and industry were happening in the late 19th century. Dr. Still was another of these individuals who sought deeper understanding as to the nature of health in human beings. Having witnessed the slaughter of thousands of soldiers in the Civil War, as well as the sudden, unstoppable deaths of three of his children to spinal meningitis, he announced, "Medicine is poison!" and pondered other ways to bring healing to his clients. Gifted with a vision in June 1874, he realized the human body is capable of healing itself, provided it has proper structural alignment, allowing arterial flow. His four principles have become the tenets of Osteopathic practice today:

  • The body is an integrated unit of body, mind, and spirit. ("All parts in the whole body obey the one eternal law of life and motion.")
  • The body possesses self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms.
  • Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
  • Rational treatment is based upon applying these three principles along with a sound and thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Dr. Still founded the American School of Osteopathy, in Kirksville, MO, in 1892. One of his early students was William Garner Sutherland, who during his senior year in 1899 viewed a specially prepared and mounted human skull. He noticed the intricate beveling in the suture between the sphenoid and temporal bones and the thought occurred to him: "Beveled, like the gills of a fish, and indicating an articular mobile mechanism for respiration." He then spent the next thirty years working out the relationships of the "cranial mechanism" as he called it. Sutherland's cranial concept is organized around the" primary respiratory mechanism," includes the following components, all of which organize themselves around primary respiration:

  • the fluctuation in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), what he called "the potency of the Tide"
  • the reciprocal tension membrane-the strong dural tissue connecting the cranium to spinal cord to sacrum
  • the ability of the brain and spinal cord to subtly change shape ("like a tadpole pulling in its tail") during respiration
  • the ability of the cranial bones to subtly move at their articulated surfaces
  • the involuntary movement of the sacrum between the hips

The work of Drs. Still and Sutherland was carried forward by yet another great osteopath, Rollin Becker (1910-1996), who is credited with naming such terms as "biodynamics," "bioenergy of wellness", "inherent treatment plan," and "rhythmic balanced interchange" when discussing the nature of the work. Dr. Becker also is credited with describing the three stages of a healing session: "Seeking, settling, reorganization/realignment." His work inspired yet another generation of biodynamic craniosacral therapists and teachers in the United States and England, including Franklyn Sills, Michael Shea, Roger Gilchrist, and Scott Zamurut, all of whom are practicing and teaching today along with thousands of BCST practitioners worldwide.

What is a Session Like?
Sessions are pretty straightforward. I sit with you for a few minutes to have us both settle. I ask you what your intentions are for the session today, and if you have any questions. As you do this, I assess the relational field setting up between us, as this work begins before there is any form of touch. The relational field is a felt sense of presence, much as when you meet someone and you pay full attention to them, not just mentally but with your whole body, finding the right space and connection to establish between each other.

At the table you remain fully clothed and placed under a sheet for comfort and coziness. Comfort is the operative word, and the work does not begin until you are really settled, really comfortable, on the table. The same is true for me as the practitioner, as I settle on my stool next to the table.

I tune into my own body, my own primary breathing, and then I do the same with you. Each person is unique in how his/her "system" runs. This is the beauty of the work, to find again and again an expression of life that is unique to that person. We each express life and vitality in our own way, based on our singular creation, from fertilization to birth to life experience.

Favorite contacts to your body are at: your ankles, from where I can read the tidal rhythms of your whole physical body; your sacrum, which is the primary grounder for your fluid body; your shoulders, from where the upper torso speaks; and your cranium, which is a world unto itself yet the creator of the CSF which flows rhythmically down your spine and then into your body as well. A whole session can occur from just one hold, but usually several are used during the 80-minute session.

Communication is key in the work, and I will ask you from time to time to share what you are noticing in your body, in your field. This keeps you involved and aware, and also helps guide me and reinforce my own assessment. Speaking of "force," this work proceeds without any force being put into your body; the only force is the forcefulness of your own health, your own vitality, your own potency, speaking.

Generally, we both become aware of your tides, your midline, and an area of your body that is asking for special attention. Focus will go on that area, sometimes from a distance, and sometimes more directly. The result is deep relaxation, and deep self-healing, as your body is given the opportunity for full focus of its healing mechanisms.

How Often Do I Need to Come for a Session?
Some clients simply need a "tune-up", a chance to find their energy field and rebalance it. Others need to set up a short program (3-6 sessions) during which a particular pattern in your body needs to be recognized and reintegrated into your system. We speak of "natural fulcrums" and "inertial fulcrums" in the work, and any inertial ones need to be addressed in order for your body to running at its full potential. Generally, coming for a minimum of three sessions is a good idea, as the first establishes the relational field between client and practitioner and often identifies an area needing more attention; the second deepens the work from the first session; and the third integrates the work into the whole field of the client. Contact me at gctrav@earthlink.net if you have any further questions.


"The bioenergy of wellness is the most powerful force in the world. It is dynamic. It is rhythmic. It is a force field that begins with the moment of conception and continues to the last moment of death." (Rollin Becker, DO, 1965)

"[BCST is] supporting people to become aware of, and more skilled in, allowing this life forced to express itself….[BCST is] a therapy that encourages embodied awareness as a route to health." (Cranial Intelligence, Sumner and Haines, pages 103 and 117)

Two recent client testimonials
"Well, I've experienced a courage to relax, a willingness to be led, a recognition of a former self-and in all of this I feel the refreshment of new and renewed friendships, fun, and mostly of a sweet calling towards a new destiny. I can say that I have experienced things I have not experienced before, and overall these past three months have been unlike anything I have ever known. The intentions I set out before working with you and my subsequent experiences are connected by the enlivening energy I experienced in your studio . . . . I feel in many ways very similar to you, I appreciate your wide-open curiosity and patience, the way you took time to do the detail work on the table. It all makes a difference. There is new initiative taking root from deep in my being, touched off by energies surrounding our work together, accessible only when I get quiet enough to hear it and then let myself be led by it. Even in writing this I feel a renewal of this same energy, animating the core, and singing with new inspiration. Tonight and before I sat down to write this, I was being "led about" but it feels now again like my strength or core inspiration is doing the leading. This connection to my core is what I suspected was waiting to be discovered, and it contains in it a new kind of rapture."

"I am so very fortunate that you are in my life: validating what I'm doing on my own, stimulating me to reach further, and healing me with what always feels like magic. Thank you for another amazing session. I really like my new postures and today went spontaneously into a Sun Salutation after rolling upward from your series . . . . The model you and Barbara have set of creating our own ceremonies has been crucial to me in learning body dynamics; I'm formally thanking you for it and the magnificent release it has brought to my life. And I'm very grateful for your sensitivity, experience, and intuition in bringing me to exalted moments of wholeness."

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